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I have been making this pasta salad dish for years,and thought it would be nice to share it, as it’s so quick,easy and really tasty. It’s not from a receipe, I kind of got the idea from a pasta lunch … Continue reading

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Happy Mothers Day

This is a very short and sweet post,as I have had a week of broken sleep,with a sick little girl for the last week,and my husband has been away. This is my first Mothers Day,and the only thing I would … Continue reading

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Yesterday my sister in law sent me a message, wondering what she should buy her friend,who has just had a baby. Before Amelia,I always generally gave friends gifts of clothing when they had a new baby. When Amelia was born,we … Continue reading

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Amelia’s 1st Birthday Party

We held a party in our home last Saturday for family and close friends.In total we had 17 adults and 4 kids including Amelia.The house was full,and it was lovely to be able to have the party in our house. … Continue reading

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Buggy Reviews

For most first time mums,the biggest and probably most expensive purchase you will make is the pram/buggy/stroller you choose. So you need to be well informed,set your budget,check out all the baby stores in your area,check online and read reviews … Continue reading

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Chicken & Apple Balls,Family Friendly & Fun Food Ideas

Today I was going to write a post on Amelia’s party, however my husband has gone away with work,and all the pictures are on his tablet.So will do it once he gets back in a few days. This morning I … Continue reading

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First Birthday Cake

Yesterday we celebrated Amelia’s 1st Birthday,with a party for family and close friends. Today is her actual birthday,but held the party yesterday to suit everyone travelling.It was a great day,we are exhausted today,so will do a “Party Post” in the … Continue reading

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Birthday Party DIY IDEAS

We are having a small birthday party for Amelia this weekend.When I bought her new pink and white candy stripe curtains for her room I thought of this idea for her birthday.Pink and White Stripe,very girly. I’m going to do … Continue reading

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Family Friendly Dinner Ideas

Today I’ve made a one-pot dinner,that we can all eat. Whether you are cooking for a baby,toddler,older child or adults,this is suitable for all.I will purée Amelia’s a little,just to make it lumpy. You can change the receipe to suit … Continue reading

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St.Patricks Day,Farewell Trafalgar Square.

This day last year I was sitting in our London flat,4 days overdue,afraid to go too far away from the house,and feeling terribly sorry for myself that I was missing all the Paddys Day craic (fun) in Trafalgar Square. This, … Continue reading

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