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Cod with Butternut Squash and Cheese Sauce

Last week I did a marathon run of cooking,trying to use up all the food in the fridge before we went away. Amelia loves fish,and I had a cod fillet in the freezer,this recipe always goes down well. Recipe has … Continue reading

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The First 1000 Days Recipe Book

  Last week I was kindly sent this recipe  book “The First 1000 Days”. My Irish readers may have seen the adds on television for this recently, promoting healthy eating from Pregnancy to Toddler.     The First 1,000 Days … Continue reading

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Amelia’s Routine at 14 Months

Amelia turned 14 months last Friday and here is her up to date routine and how she is developing. Teeth:6 Walking:Nope,no where even near Crawling: Bum shuffling everywhere at speeds we find hard to keep up with Standing:With help, she … Continue reading

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Chicken with Summer Vegtables

I recently made this for Amelia,and she loved it. I think it was her first time having courgette, it’s so well hidden she would not have noticed it. I did not have any peas in the house or apple juice,so … Continue reading

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Slip-Slop-Slap Sunsafe for Children

With the beautiful weather we had across Ireland and the UK last week, and our upcoming holiday to Portugal this week, keeping Amelia safe in the sun has been the hot topic in our house at the moment .She has … Continue reading

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New Food: Bento Box

This week I introduced Amelia to avocado.I tried to give it to her previously a few months ago,and she spat it out. This time was a bit better.She found it too hard to pick up as it was so slippery, … Continue reading

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The Mummy Tag

I’ve been tagged by a few other blogs in the last few weeks to take part in The Mummy Tag. So, here you go. I tag all the mummy bloggers reading this: 1.Are you a Stay at Home mum, or … Continue reading

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Developmental Activities for a 1 Year Old

Hi everyone, hope ye have all been enjoying this lovely weather we have had this week. We have spent most of the week either in the garden or on the beach, which has been lovely. Long may this weather last,but … Continue reading

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Why Babies are like a Good Book- Unputdownable

Pre baby,you could go where you wanted,do what you wanted,eat when you wanted and most importantly,go to the toilet when you needed to. You can plan weekends away and dream of just heading off without any planning.Today while out walking,I … Continue reading

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Hello Canvas Print Review with 20% discount

When you walk into my home, it is easy to see that I love pictures. I have loved taking pictures since a young age,long before picture phones were around. I was always the one with a camera on a night … Continue reading

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