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Baby/Family Friendly Mild Chicken & Apricot Curry

Last week I made a curry for the first time. I don’t really like curry, so I had not made it for us or Amelia before. You will be amazed at some of the flavours that will appeal to your … Continue reading

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Love The Little Things #4

Welcome to week 4 of Love The Little Things, a fabulous linky hosted by butwhymummywhy, featuring the little things that have made up my week. This week has been one of highs and lows. I’m exhausted. I was asked to … Continue reading

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Can I do it All…… Mummy,Wife,Nurse & Blogger

To say that my day yesterday was overwhelming, would be an understatement. I had my interview to return to work in Ireland. I am joining a Nursing Agency, to suit our home life, so I thought, bring in my forms … Continue reading

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Amelia at 15 months Update

Amelia has turned 15 months, and there have been a few developments since her last update.We had our first “accident”, she fell off the bed (my fault), and has a bump on her forehead and a graze on her nose.We … Continue reading

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*GIVEAWAY * Frame-A-Name

We were recently sent this beautiful frame from Frame-A-Name, a company that has found a niche in the market for a personalised gift with a difference. This is something I would have loved to have received as a gift. Included … Continue reading

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Love The Little Things #3

Welcome back to Love The little Things, this is my 3rd post for LTLT. I can’t believe it’s Friday already,the start of this week was relatively slow for me, my husband was in London from Sunday morning until Tuesday night, … Continue reading

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Baby – Adult Fish Cakes

We are very lucky to have a variety of fresh fish on our door step, we live in a fishing town,so get the best & freshest fish available. Amelia likes fish (wish I could say the same about my husband), … Continue reading

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From Making Like a Ballerina to Doing the Bum Shuffle

Is she walking yet?? I reckon I get asked this on a daily basis. Just like when I was breastfeeding, I wish I had a £1 for every time I was asked “are you still feeding her?”. The answer is … Continue reading

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Baby Friendly Icy Strawberry Cream

This “ice -cream” is perfect for soothing painful teething gums, and the rest of the family. No added sugar, but sweet,it’s the perfect summer treat. With the hot weather we are having, it’s the perfect snack for cooling down everyone. … Continue reading

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Pink Cream & Cotton Wool

Confused by the title?Read on,I’ll explain. I thought I would write a little post on what products I use on Amelia for bathing & washing. We have a little morning routine after her first nap & I actually still use … Continue reading

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