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How To Make Room In Your Home For A New Arrival

You’re expecting a new arrival then congratulations! Whether it’s your first or your eighth, a new baby is always just as exciting. There are plenty of things you’re going to want to plan before they get here. Buying new clothes, … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Music For Children

Some people think education should focus on maths and science. But many people prefer a more well-rounded approach. Humanities and the arts can be just as important for helping children to develop different skills. Music is one of the subjects … Continue reading

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Brown Hair,Broken Sleep and Bank Holiday Weekends~ Little Loves

Good morning, it’s the end of the week again, how quickly has it gone by, especially for those in the UK who had the bank holiday this week, I hope you all enjoyed it. Last weekend we took a walk … Continue reading

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Improve Your Cooking Skills With These Top Tips

The thing about cooking is that not everyone is good at it! Some folks can come up with all kinds of exquisite dishes while others can barely make a sandwich! When I was a young, I would often watch my … Continue reading

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How To Create A Memory Box For Your Children

A memory box is a space where you’re able to store objects so that you can present them to your child in future years, enabling you to reminisce over precious memories together. Even if you don’t have much time this … Continue reading

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Birthday Ideas For Your Little Girl

With little girls, you can get so carried away when it comes to clothes, decorating their rooms and parties. When it comes to birthday parties, the costs can add up quickly the older children get. Of course, as parents we … Continue reading

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Homemade “Bounty” Balls

It’s Thursday, so time for a recipe! Last week Morgana over at butwhymummywhy featured these on her blog. I love coconut,I love chocolate, I love bounty bars and I love snacking, especially on the afternoon, when I hit a slump, … Continue reading

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How To Have A Child Friendly Day In Any City

If you’re not from a big city, getting used to it can be difficult. Even if you’ve lived in a city all your life, having children makes you see cities differently. It’s possible to have a child-friendly day out anywhere!

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5 Essentials For A Family Friendly Kitchen

We are in the middle of planning our self build, so I’ve started to buy some house magazines and thinking about what I would and wouldn’t like in the house. I want our house to function well with young kids, … Continue reading

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*Review* Joie Stages Group 0+ 1-2 Car Seat

A few months ago we received the Joie Stages Group 0+ 1-2 Car Seat to review, the car seat that is suitable from 0 – 7 years! I had never heard of this car seat before, and was intrigued as … Continue reading

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