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Best Excuses For Taking The Kids To Lapland Now

Being a parent is a thrilling and sometimes exhausting ride. You get such thrill from things as simple as a first outfit, a real lovely pair of children’s boots, sharing a book that you both love. Every parent wants to … Continue reading

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Beaba BabyCook Review

Are you in the middle of weaning, pureeing, using four different utensils, washing it all up or thinking of this? It's a pain isn't it? I love cooking my own food for both my kids, and Amelia would absolutely not … Continue reading

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Great Gift Ideas For Tired Mums

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would do my bit for all you tired mums out there. Let’s be honest, when you have young and demanding children around the house, there isn’t much time to be thinking about gifts … Continue reading

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Little Changes to Increase the Visual Aesthetic of Your Home

Visual aesthetic is one of the most important components for homeowners. We all like to look good in our lives, and we all like our possessions to look good too. So, over the course of the next year you should … Continue reading

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Our Weaning Journey Series ~ Week #4

Hello! Welcome back to our "Weaning Journey Series". This is now week 4, Harry is 6.5 months and this week I have introduced more new foods including dairy the form of a baby yogurt. I use Organic yogurts by an … Continue reading

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Now It’s Getting Colder Keep Your Home Warm For Less!

Now that it's getting colder, everyone will be thinking about warming their homes. I don't mind wearing an extra layer or two at home, but there are times when you just need to put the heating on! Of course, doing … Continue reading

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    1.  What doesnt't kill you, will try to.   2. Everything passes eventually, but don't say I said that!   3. You will       never have enough baby wipes!    4. The drama of today will be funny tomorrow

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Jamie Oliver Cracking Chicken Burrito

  Good morning! I have a great Jamie Oliver recipe for you today, that actually was meant to go up yesterday as part of our "Tasty Thursday" series, but I somehow gained a day this week and thought that today … Continue reading

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Harry At 6 Months ~ Monthly Update

6 months, a whole half a year of having Handsome Harry in our life! I'm a little late (almost 3 weeks with this update, but life just kind of got in the way!).Having a little boy has really completed us … Continue reading

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Toddler & Baby Christmas Gift Guide

Can you believe that we are only weeks away from jingle bells, Santa Claus and eating ourselves silly? Today I have written a gift guide that may help you choose what to buy for either your kids or other young … Continue reading

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