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Books For Toddlers ~ What Amelia is Reading

  I'm forever buying new books and they are what we always ask for when people ask what they should get the kids as gifts for Christmas or Birthdays. You just can never have enough! Toys will break, and they … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Harry ~ 1 Year Update

  We did it!! We got to a year, and I can't believe I'm writing your 1 year update! "Happy Birthday Happy Harry" On the day that you were born……..  

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Anyone that has children with long hair, will know about the battle that goes on every morning and night when it comes to brushing it! Add curls to the mix, that get knotted and tangled and its double the battle. Amelia … Continue reading

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Flying…..What to Wear

I have done my fair share of travelling over the years, especially pre-kids! Long and short haul, I think the record was 20 flights in one year! While I'm a terrible over packer, I have got, what to wear on a flight down … Continue reading

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The Great Outdoors: Getting Out More, Whatever The Weather

  If you live in a climate that’s as changeable as the UK’s, you will be familiar with how difficult it can be to get outside. We lead busy lives with work and family commitments. We’re probably already trying to … Continue reading

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Hello Baby……Bye Bye Relationship

  We all know the saying "Hello baby, bye bye sleep"! BUT what about the subject people don't talk about so much…."Hello baby, bye bye relationship"!  

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Legal Implications Of Smoking In a Car With Children

  From October 2015 (UK) and January 2016 (Ireland) new legislation came into practice that has banned adults from smoking in cars with children (about time eh!!) 

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Tips & Tricks For Successful Co-Parenting After Separation

Separating from your partner is painful enough, but is even worse if you have children. There’s not only yours and your ex-partner’s feelings to think about but also your children’s too. Regardless of the reason for your separation, the best … Continue reading

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If I Won The Lotto…….

IT’S EVERYONE’S DREAM to win big on the Lotto. I don't think there is anyone who hasn’t imagined the sheer joy of checking their ticket and finding out they are a winner. And we’ve all daydreamed about what we’d do … Continue reading

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     While catching up with One Born Every Minute over the weekend (yes, two kids later and I still absolutely love this show!), it sparked a conversation between myself and my husband about the care I received when having … Continue reading

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