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When Can I Introduce A Pillow To My Baby/Toddler?

  Thinking your baby would be better off with a pillow and blanket in her bed? Think again. Even though you probably wouldn't dream of sleeping without either, your baby, who's slept flat and uncovered on the mattress since birth, … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget To Change These In Your Home (To Keep Your Family Happy And Healthy!)

  Time often goes by so quickly, especially when we are busy with our kids, that we often forget how long we have had items in our home. However, for the importance of our family’s health, it’s a must that … Continue reading

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A Romantic Getaway….The 4* Maryborough Hotel and Spa Cork

  WHEN one has children, one takes every opportunity to escape as fast as one’s legs will carry one. So when the lovely people at The Marybourough Hotel and Spa in Cork invited us to stay for a two night romantic break … Continue reading

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When It All Changes…..

'Daughters, hold our hands for a little while. But hold our hearts forever' Last night I sent a text to one of our groomsmen, his wife had a baby 6 weeks ago and I was asking how they all were! … Continue reading

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Ways To Make Money While Studying At Home

  picture from   The student lifestyle is hard to maintain when there are so many financial outgoings. Maybe you are already working behind the student bar, but it’s not enough to keep your head above water. If you … Continue reading

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Lounge In Luxury: How To Pick The Perfect Sofa For Your Lifestyle

Photo source: We probably spend the most amount of time in our living rooms when it comes to our home life (bar poor Mum who most likely does the equivalent in the kitchen)! But if we think about our … Continue reading

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Are You Better Off Reusing The Space For Something Else?

For most people, a patio is a place where all the family can relax and enjoy their garden. It offers a brilliant venue for summer barbecues and a spot of sunbathing. But, for some of us, our patios look horrible … Continue reading

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Chicken Katsu Curry For The Whole Family

  Chicken Katsu Curry. This dish has been made famous in the UK by the restaurant Wagamama and now we're sharing with you how to make it for yourself! A simple Japanese curry consisting of crispy breaded chicken, a mound … Continue reading

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What London Means To Me….

London. The place dreams are made, long-term friendships develop, a place that can swallow you up and spit you out just as quickly, a place opportunities are created and the place people work themselves so hard they cry if a … Continue reading

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Forget Spring: Autumn Cleaning Is Where It’s At

Spring cleaning is a great way to spruce up your home during a transitional period of the year. But spring isn't the only season of change. When autumn begins, the weather turns colder and the nights continue to get darker. … Continue reading

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