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Listening To Your Children, Their Words & Emotions……

  Dancing With The Feet Is One Thing, Dancing With The Heart Is Another 💖   As an ex-dancer there could never be a truer word said. It's in your heart, you dance at every opportunity, you sing the ryt … Continue reading

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Affording To Buy A New Home When You Have Kids: Ways To Make It A Reality!

  It can feel impossible to move home when you have to put your kids’ needs first. After all, you have to spend so much on them when it comes to schooling and food that there is little left over … Continue reading

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The Bright Indoors and The Difference It Makes

  What is the single most important thing, for you, about your home?    Is it the size? With lots of people to fit in, do you need as many bedrooms as possible? Or maybe it's a smaller home but with space … Continue reading

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Five Interior Design Tips To Create Your Perfect Home

  Choose Neutrals If you aren’t exactly sure about what to do with your home but you do know that you need something new, then why not go for a neutral palette? You might think that it sounds boring but … Continue reading

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Nodding Off And Why Sleep Is Critical To Your Family

Health is a huge part of family life. Can we truly say we are caring for our family if we are lavishing them in unhealthiness? It's a good question.   One huge part of health is sleep. If you as … Continue reading

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Have You Vaccinated Your Children Against Meningitis B?

  MenB (meningococcal B) vaccine   In the UK from September 2015 babies born on or after 1 July 2015 are being offered the MenB (meningococcal group B) vaccine as part of the routine immunisation schedule and babies born on … Continue reading

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The Law Of Land! Cost And Legal Considerations To Make When Dealing With Property

    Buying or selling a house is an exciting time. But, it’s also one that costs a lot of money. And, people don’t often consider all of the payments that they’ll need to make. This can lead to people … Continue reading

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Outdoor Living: It’s As Easy As Build, Buy & Enjoy   As a parent, you can often find it hard to stay on top of the jobs you have to do inside the home, let alone outside. But, as the months start to pass and the weather warms up, … Continue reading

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When Rain Is A Pain: Protecting Your Home In A Flood

Living in the UK, it's safe to say we are exposed to our fair amount of rain. On average, the country is subjected to around 156.2 days of rainfall every year. Okay, so that's not much compared to some other … Continue reading

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Suggestions For Successful School Trip Locations

School trips are amazing, aren't they? They are such a wonderful thing to get your kids enthusiastic about going to school. This is because they get to go out and experience some of the World, see new things, and spend … Continue reading

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