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5 Essentials For A Family Friendly Kitchen


We are in the middle of planning our self build, so I’ve started to buy some house magazines and thinking about what I would and wouldn’t like in the house. I want our house to function well with young kids, but still be in the style I like. As the kitchen is where we spend most of our time, I want to focus on that room.

The kitchen is the best room of the house. If you’ve got a growing family, it’s a hive of activity and full of energy. The kids are buzzing around, the cat is coming in and out of the cat-flap, and the tea’s cooking. It’s a wonderful atmosphere, and it typifies everything we love about a busy family. We’ve learnt a few things over our years as parents, especially when it comes to the kitchen. This room needs a complete family-friendly overhaul! Let us share our list of family essentials we think every kitchen needs. Do you agree?

1. Easy clean surfaces

Cleaning up after the family is no easy feat! It’s a daily job and, if you let a day go by, carnage ensues. You’ve got to tackle those spills, drips, and splurges as soon as they happen. And that means easy clean surfaces. When it comes to the growing family, you need to be quick off the mark and keep the kitchen spotless. It’s not only good sense, it’s also hygienic when you’re cooking here every day.

2. Plenty of storage space

Feeding a family requires plenty of food, and it all needs storing somewhere. If possible, it’s a good idea to use clever storage options. Hidden compartments and lazy susans inside the cupboards are great. It’s even better if you can use an entire pantry. That way you can save a fortune by bulk buying and keep it all stocked up for later. It will also help you get a little more creative with the family meals.

3. Family-friendly cutlery

When you have small children, you suddenly become aware of all the potential hazards in the home. Once upon a time, you wouldn’t think twice about leaving a knife on the side. With children, you have to be a little more careful. The best option is to look for child-friendly cutlery. You can find Amefa cutlery here that will suit the whole family. Be sure to keep the sharper knives well out of reach.

4. Family organisation area

Keeping track of the family can be a nightmare! There are rehearsals, sports games, and play dates, not to mention any activities we have planned. We like to use an organisation area in the kitchen to keep track of what’s happening. There’s a big family calendar with everything written down and plenty of reminders. There’s also a blackboard for any reminders or notes. You’ll find this organisation very useful, trust us!

5. Good seating space

We think it’s crucial that the family sits down to regular meals together. So many families sit in front of the television, or eat at different times. Of course, each to their own, but we prefer a more sociable dinner period. The sense of routine and community is important, and it’s a chance for the family to come together. You’ll grow closer to your children, and your communication will improve.

So, those are our five essentials for a family-friendly kitchen. Do you have any great ideas to add to the list?

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