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How To Make The Most Of A Small Living Space

Is your living space not as big as you would like?

While right now we have plenty of space, I know exactly what it's like to lice in smaller spaces, there was three of us in a one bedroom flat in London and I really had to figure out ways to ensure I was using all the space we had.

A lot of homeowners struggle with the size of their home, mainly because it doesn’t have enough space for their needs. And, it is not like you can just move home to a bigger property because high prices are astronomical at the moment. All you can do is try your hardest to make it bigger or to make at least it look bigger. Luckily, there are a few ways to achieve your goal. Just take a look at the list below for inspiration.


Everything may look fine, but the odds are that your furniture is taking up space. I know it sounds a little insignificant, but moving your furniture around can create more room. Some pieces fit better in a different position, which opens up more space for you to enjoy in your home. Try putting the biggest and bulkiest pieces up against the wall or in the corner for the best results. Give it a go and see what happens!

Tidy Up!

If there is one way that is brilliant at making space, it is cleaning. Clutter takes up a lot of room and makes the living space even smaller. Even worse, it makes your home look untidy like you don’t care about keeping it clean. If that sounds like your home, now is the time for a clean. You can’t afford clutter taking up unnecessary space, so you want to put everything back in its original place. Or, alternatively, get rid of items that you don’t need any more.

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Convert Unused Space

Most homes have plenty of space – they just don’t know it yet. What am I talking about? I am, of course, talking about the loft and the basement. Most lofts and basements go unused as homeowners think they can only use them for storage. That is nonsense! A loft conversion or a basement conversion is the perfect remedy to your problem. They are usually very spacious as they extend from one end of the property all the way to the other, and they are flexible. For example, you can convert the loft or the basement into a home office, an extra bedroom, or a games room if that is what you want.

Add More Mirrors

Sometimes, you just don’t have space. It is not a nice thing to hear, but it is something you have to accept. In that case, you can’t add more room, but you can make it seem as if you have more room. Who will know apart for you? To create this effect, install mirrors in every room. Mirrors reflect light around the room, which bounces from one area of the room to the next. The reflection makes it seem as if the room is bigger than it is, so problem solved! You can also add glass furniture, like a coffee table, for the same effect.

Natural Light

Make sure that your window dressings are not blocking the light. Curtains have a tendency to keep light out when you want the light to enter. The more light in your home, the more the mirrors can reflect it around the room. Yes, synthetic light works, but natural light is by far and away the best form of light. Your living space may be small at the minute, but that can all change. If you are proactive and have the right amount of knowledge, you can transform your home.

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