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About us


Hello, welcome to A Little Londoner. we are a UK and Irish Family and lifestyle blog. I'm an Irish born Emergency Nurse,with an Irish husband and a London born daughter Amelia Rose in March 2013, and we have recently added to our little family in April 2015 with the arrival of our little boy Harry. We have recently left London after 10 years to live in Ireland.Prior to London we lived in Edinburgh while in University. This is where I met my husband.

The blog was founded in January 2014.I made a decision not to work on return to Ireland,and spend some extra time off with my daughter while we settled into our new lives. I needed some structure in my day and something to stimulate my mind,because let's face it, life as a stay-at-home-mum can be mind numbing at times!
The blog documents our day to day lives,our journey together,my love for home cooking and getting both my kids to try a huge variety of goods, life as a first time mum and now second, places we have been…..and oh yes,my little obsession of buying pretty dresses for my daughter.

When I found out I was pregnant, there are no words to describe how happy I was, then to add icing on the cake I found out I was having a little girl at 20 weeks!The love and obsession for buying this little girl Amelia Rose, dresses started there and then.I always think little girls look beautiful in dresses, and with some exception my little girl is in a dress everyday.

When  she was about four months old, a friend and work colleague commented on a picture I had posted on Facebook “The girl with a million dresses”, and so the idea to blog was born.

My 'go to' shops for Amelia’s dresses are generally, Zara,Jooles Oliver “Little Bird” range for Mothercare,John Lewis,Sarah Louise and Du Pareil au Meme,GAP,Mamas and Papa,Boden and Joules.

Triona,Amelia and Harry x x x