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Affording To Buy A New Home When You Have Kids: Ways To Make It A Reality!



It can feel impossible to move home when you have to put your kids’ needs first. After all, you have to spend so much on them when it comes to schooling and food that there is little left over to put towards a potential move. But sometimes it’s necessary to take the next step and move your family to a new property. Therefore, here are some ways you can afford to buy a new home when you have kids, so your dream becomes a reality.


Put as much as you can away in your savings


It might feel like you have little left at the end of the month. And therefore, you have nothing to put away towards your new home. But if you want to make moving a reality, you need to put some money away every month in your savings account. Even if it’s just a hundred pound, it will soon add up over time. To find some extra money to move over every month, you could consider making some cuts in your life. For example, you and your family could have some more days in. After all, a trip to the zoo or cinema could end up costing you a hundred quid. Therefore, have a fun day in instead, and put the money you would have spent in the savings account. Check out for more advice on building your savings.


Talk to a mortgage specialist 


Even if moving doesn’t feel like a reality, it might be possible with some mortgage providers. After all, they might have particular deals which might suit your family well. Therefore, you should go and talk to a mortgage specialist who can look at different plans and your situation and see if there is anything out there which is suitable for you. You might be surprised that you can get some mortgages with a small deposit. But you will have to pay back a higher amount every month. And if you do put your details forwards and apply for a mortgage, there is nothing lost even if they say no. In fact, if they do reject you, you can look on sites like for more help on getting a mortgage next time. It might be the case you just need higher earnings or need a larger deposit to secure your new home!


Work on your current home


To be able to move when you have kids, you need to ensure you sell your current home for a good price. After all, you will be able to put more money towards your new family home! Therefore, it’s time to work on enhancing your current home. You should do some renovations which will help it to stand out from other homes on your street. And you should depersonalise the home as much as you can. After all, it can help you to get an offer quickly on your home. Hopefully, by doing some changes, you can increase the value, and you will be able to soon move properties!


And if your family can’t afford homes in your current area, it might be worth seeing how much homes are in different counties. After all, you will be able to get a much larger house for a better price if you go further north of the country!

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