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Redecorating the bathroom is a task that I have been putting off for years. This is because of how much stress is involved in finding which pipes fit with what and how expensive a tiny error with measurements can be. For that reason, with the new house being built I wanted to opt for a traditionally designedbathroom, made up with high quality branded bathroom products. This is so I will not have to redecorate or replace anything again anytime soon. This blog post is going to focus on how I plan to decorate the three main bathrooms in my new house; En-suite, family and the smaller downstairs bathroom.



For the En-suite bathroom I want to include a walk-in rain shower. I’m not sure what it is, but there is just something a lot nicer about walking into a large open shower space rather than having to step into a small raised shower tray or bathtub. Hansgrohe showers were the first manufacturers of rain showers and still have some of the most luxurious designs on the market. Because I wanted my bathrooms to have a traditional feel to them I was concerned that having a walk-in shower may look too modern. But as shown in the image below large white tiles and a teal coloured wall still allow a classic aesthetic.


Family bathroom

The family bathroom is the biggest restroom in the house and because of this I’m really keen on buying a free-standingbathtub. Also, because I want to keep all the ceramic items across the house the same brand I am planning to only purchase Villeroy and Boch ceramics and bathroom furniture. Known for their high quality and prestigious brand name,having only Villeroy and Boch in the past would have just been an aspiration, however now due to the low prices offer it is a reality.


Downstairs bathroom

The downstairs bathroom is the smallest bathroom in the house, so for this room I am using furniture and colours that optimise the feeling of space. Therefore, it is best to stick to pale colours for the floors and walls, white furniture and to incorporate a large mirror to reflect the space. Again, using Villeroy and Boch ceramics is ideal for space optimisation as they offer compact versions of their toilets which help to boost the perspective of how large a room is.


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