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Birthday Ideas For Your Little Girl


With little girls, you can get so carried away when it comes to clothes, decorating their rooms and parties. When it comes to birthday parties, the costs can add up quickly the older children get. Of course, as parents we want to make sure each birthday is special and memorable. When I was thinking about Amelia’s birthday I wasn’t sure exactly what I would do, these are a few ideas that sprung up when I was googling birthday ideas.

Little Scientists Party

I know this doesn’t sound that fun at first, but I think this is an excellent way to combine learning and fun. Kids love to create things and find out how things work so a science-themed party could be a big hit.

It’s easy to find cheap science kits and create DIY experiments for all the kids.

To drive home the theme, you could provide mini lab coats and serve drinks in test tubes! Make unusual science-themed treats and fill goody bags with a few experiment ideas they can try at home.

A science party to me sounds like a lot of fun for little girls that don’t want a typically ‘girly’ party. It does also seem like quite a messy idea so be prepared!

Karaoke Party

Now the idea of a karaoke party for kids never crossed my mind until I read this Disney Frozen Karaoke Machine review. I know how much kids love to sing along to their favourite songs, karaoke could keep them entertained for hours!

You could make it more fun by sticking to a theme or just choosing your little ones favourite songs. Gather together some fancy dress items so the kids can dress up and feel like mini celebrities.

You could even get some blow-up musical instruments and give the party guests music themed goody bags to give away.


Sports Day Party

If your child loves sports day, take out all the best bits and bring those ideas to their birthday party. You don’t need to have the guests running laps, but you can organise other games.

Egg and spoon races, sack races and more are all fun party activities. As these games need some energy, hopefully, the children will be ready for bed by home time!

It’s possible to hire different games for parties for your primary entertainment. For example, a bouncy castle or inflatable game will go down a treat.

You could even get parents involved, and have them try out an egg and spoon race to give the kids a giggle!

Animal Party

You can guarantee that almost every child loves animals. Theaming your kid’s birthday around animals means you can get creative.

Encourage guests to dress up and play games that help the kids learn about animals in an exciting way. You might even be able to hire an exotic animal for the kids to pet, or take them to a petting zoo.

I thought it’d be fun to create a mini jungle or horse ranch in my garden with decorations and stuffed animals. I think I’d have just as much fun as the kids!

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