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BOO!!! Halloween Ready…With *Primark




What is Halloween without dressing up, and without that perfect costume? Every year there is a mad scramble for finding something they like, and then add in decorations and making the whole celebration fun without being too scary for the small ones! 

The season of spook is almost upon us, and if you're planning on dressing up your little one for Halloween, then you've come to the right place.

IMG_6993 IMG_6996 IMG_7001

Whether you're going trick or treating or you just fancy getting your baby, toddler or child dressed up, Penneys/Primark the high street store has plenty on offer.

This year we have picked our costumes up early, for fear the black plastic bag and cardboard witches hat would have to make an appearance and bring us all right back to the 80's. Penneys/Primark have a huge selection of kids costumes and decorations to kit out the whole house, 

IMG_7005 IMG_7012 IMG_7013

The much-loved bargain fashion retailer is also ditching the likes of vampires and skeletons only and including some Disney-inspired costumes.

Of course there are still the more traditional costumes of witches to devils, pumpkins and pirates, but some kids, like mine are just not into them yet, so there is something to suit everyone, and even better, they're very cheap! Happy Halloween and Happy shopping! IMG_7020

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* A Collabotative post with Primark. All decorations and kids outfits from Primark current stock

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