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Budget Baby Buys in London

This blog began because I love to buy pretty baby clothes. From baby dresses and baby booties to baby hats, mittens, scarves, socks, coats – you name it, I have to have it all. As a busy mother who recently departed the Big Smoke after a decade-long stay, I count myself as something of an expert in searching out the best places to rack up the baby buys on a budget in the capital. Here’s my top tips on stretching your cash and looking great.


Local Markets


Ask anybody about shopping in London and they’ll tell you to visit the markets. Nowhere in the world will you find such a tremendous gathering of quality goods at super low prices. There’s lots of markets to choose from, but you’ll find Spitalfields in just about every top ten list for stand-out London Markets. Aside from the huge selection of food and drink, you’ll find a wide range of retail surprises here – including great clothes for all ages (especially baby clothes!). This isn’t just any old market. This is a cultural hub. I recommend spending an afternoon searching out the best bargains while taking in the sights and sounds of this iconic and historic market.


Charity Shops


I used to work with two friends in London who grew up in small northern towns. They both had babies at around the same time, so they both had maternity leave and lots of time to spend with their new-borns. What did they do with their time? There were lots of coffee mornings, that’s for sure, but they used to choose coffee shops near to charity shops. When I asked why they loved the charity shops in London so much, I learned that the quality of the clothes in small town charity shops can be lacklustre, but the huge population in London means that charity shops are inundated with donations – the charity shops can afford to be picky, choosing to put only mint condition goods on display. I took their advice and later found multiple top-quality baby clothes for insanely low prices – only in London!


Buy and Sell


Social media isn’t for everybody, but these days it’s undeniable that for most people Facebook is a part of everyday life. Following on from the charity shop idea, Facebook’s buy and sell feature allows you to connect with people who want a quick sale in your area. I became a big fan of checking the listings every day and leaving a quick message offering instant pick up for a significantly reduced price – you’d be surprised how often you can pick up baby buys for rock bottom prices using this method. 


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