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Living With Migraines

Living with migraines can be a difficult challenge. Almost one-third of migraine sufferers experience moderate to severe disability. The head pain and other migraine symptoms make it difficult for many to function during attacks. Migraines are a leading cause of disability around … Continue reading

Top Tips For Fussy Eaters~ Laya Healthcare

I have to say that we have been lucky with two very easy children when it comes to food, they are the polar opposite of fussy, but while they are great eaters, neither slept through the night until they were 18 … Continue reading

How We Managed The Dreaded Chicken Pox

  Last week, 9 days ago exactly (to give you a timeframe to work by) Amelia was getting undressed for her bath and said "look at my spots mummy". There was maybe 3/4 little red spots on her chest and … Continue reading

What To Do If An Adult Tooth Is Knocked Out

    Would you know what to do if one of your teeth or your child's, much anticipated new "adult tooth" fell out/was knocked out? If an "adult" tooth is knocked out, don't panic, but act quickly following these simple steps … Continue reading

Have You Vaccinated Your Children Against Meningitis B?

  MenB (meningococcal B) vaccine   In the UK from September 2015 babies born on or after 1 July 2015 are being offered the MenB (meningococcal group B) vaccine as part of the routine immunisation schedule and babies born on … Continue reading

The Unfortunate Consequences Arthritis Could Have On Your Family

Pixabay   Many people think that arthritis is just an old person’s illness. However, that isn’t always the case. In fact, rheumatoid arthritis can strike anytime after the age of sixteen. So it could even hit you in the prime … Continue reading

“Don’t Cover Up Your Pram” – Experts Warn

  *Please note the picture above using a lightweight Muslin cloth is perfectly fine. I fortunately was unable to find a picture with a heavy blanket covering a pram* "Child experts warn mothers against covering their baby's pram with a … Continue reading

When Is The Right Time To Buy Baby’s 1st Shoes

Originally published in 2014, I'm still of the view keep their feet bare until they are properly walking! When your baby's born, the bones in her feet are made of soft, flexible cartilage. This gradually hardens over time. They won't be … Continue reading

Teething…….Two Different Experiences

  I so far have had two completly different experiences when it comes to teething with my children Amelia was a dry teether who didn't spring her first tooth until she was 10 months, where as Harry is a dribble monster, … Continue reading

Tips For Beating The Winter Blues

 Image Source Winter traditionally sees an increase in the number of respiratory infections such as colds and influenza across the UK – and whilst the exact reasons for this aren’t known, a number of theories exist. Whether it’s a … Continue reading

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