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Vlogs,Coffee & Les Miserable…..#LittleLoves

Good morning! It’s Friday AGAIN and the end of another wet week! The leaves are starting to fall off the trees in our garden, so Autumn is most certainly on the way. I can’t help feeling we have been completely … Continue reading

Colds,Pretty Bows and Beanbag Explosions…….#LittleLoves

Good morning! Hasn't this psychotic week of weather just flown by? Hope you all have had a lovely week. This week the weather has been such a mixed bag of sunny hot weather (I went and bought shorts) and rainy … Continue reading

Summer Sun, Sleep & Swimming……..#LittleLoves

Hello! Good morning and Happy Friday! Welcome back to my regular Friday morning post, Little Loves! As always I’m linking up with Morgana and the girls over at butwhymummywhy. The last two days the sun has been shining here and … Continue reading

A Christening,A Wedding & A Hangover…..#LittleLoves

Good morning, I’m a bit late this morning with my Little Loves post! I usually write it on a Thursday, but yesterday my husband was finished work early so we went out with Amelia and Harry for the afternoon… a … Continue reading

Wedding Anniversary,Beach Dancing & Afternoon Tea ~ #LittleLoves

Good morning folks, and TGIF for those of you who have been working all week! This week has gone by way way too fast. We came back from my parents on Wednesday and it has been a non stop flurry … Continue reading

Sun, Swimming, Rain Macs & Wellies…..Little Loves

Good morning, Happy Friday everyone! Im back with my round-up of what we have loved this week! As I took.a break from blogging last week, this may be more a mix mash-up of the last two weeks! I’m linking up … Continue reading

Humidity,Breaks and Remembering ~ #littleloves

Good morning, hope the sun is shining wherever you are and the week has been the same! We are loving the hot sunny weather but not so much the sticky overcast days, breastfeeding and humidity just leaves me in a … Continue reading

Toddler Drama, Farm Trips and Jamie Oliver ~ #littleloves

Good morning, Friday again…… this week has gone by so quickly. My husband took Monday off for his birthday, so we have had a short week! Hope you have all had a lovely week, the humidity here is slowly killing … Continue reading

Fun, Fairs and Tragedy ~ Little Loves

Ah it’s Friday, it comes around so fast. Just as I was thinking about what to write for this weeks #LittleLoves post, Calvin Harris ” Ready For The Weekend” popped into my head! I think I’m more than ready for … Continue reading

Bluebells, Books & Birthdays – Little Loves

Wow it’s Friday already, these weeks are going by way too quickly. I want to slow down the time, because before I know it I’ll be putting my uniform back on and going back to work (well not until January) … Continue reading

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