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Christmas Gift Ideas For Little Girls & Toddler Boys



There are so many amazing gift guides out there at the minute, I love reading them on blogs, IG Stories and Snapchat. My favourite defiantly has been my friend Emma's over on IG stories…..cheers Emma, the overdraft is in full drive since watching your snaps 😂 Check her out here.

So rather than have another gift guide, I thought I'd share with you exactly what our two kids are getting from a combination of the big man in red, grandparents and family. We have tried to have been as practical as possible this year and got the kids combination gifts that they will both use and play with together and eliminate as much of the fantastic plastic that we can! There are two Frozen Microphones….because I couldn't be dealing with the arguments! 

Its a very real gift guide, and hopefully if you are still wondering what to get your little ones (because you can't find that "must have toy" they have asked for 1,000 times) or you have other smallies in your family to buy for, this will hopefully help you along the way.

For those that are new here, Amelia is 3.5 (going on 13) and my tractor obsessed little boy Harry, who is 20 months. 



For The 3 Year Old Little Girl




When your 3, and you see a "Red Guitar" (it's really a Ukulele) in the Argos catalogue, and talk about it for months….well it's only fair the big man brings it. Mustn't forget to buy the adults sound defence ear muffs for Christmas Day!

1. Red Ukulele ~ Argos

2. Our Generation Doll Ayla ~ Smyths

3. Quinny 3 Wheel Dolls Pushchair And Pram ~ Littlewoods

4. Disney Frozen Microphone ~ Smyths

5. 100 Pieces Wooden Kids Toy Magnetic Board


For Toddler Boys



1. John Deere Tractor and Trailer ~ Smyths

2. Green Farm Playset ~ Smyths

3. Big City Wooden Garage ~ Mothercare

4. Disney Frozen Microphone (as above)

5. Hot Wheels 5-Car Pack Assortment ~ Smyths



1. Casdon Chip 'n' Pin Till ~ Amazon

2. Viga Wooden Weighing Scales ~ Amazon

3. Tidlo Wooden Fruit Salad ~ Amazon

4. Wooden Cherry Shop & Cafe ~ Asd

5. Orchard Toys 

6. Bush 7in Dual In-Car DVD Player. ~ Argos






1. Tractor Ted DVD ~ Smyths

2. Tractor Ted Breakfast Set

3. Orchard Toys (as above)

4. Curious Crayons Personalised Crayon Set

5. Storybook Torch Mademoiselle et Ribambelle ~ Fill Their Stockings

6. Books….all the books….because it's a gift you can open again, and again, and again.


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!


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T, A & H xxx

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2 Responses to Christmas Gift Ideas For Little Girls & Toddler Boys

  1. Life at the Little Wood says:

    You are so lovely, thank you T! Annie has that Our Generation doll and absolutely loves it. I think the pink tutu sold it to her! 😉 xx

  2. Great list of gifts ideas Triona. I am done shopping for this year but birthdays are just around the corner. Happy Holidays!

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