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Defeat Accepted…..We Will Never Sleep In Again




I'm back….back writing about that long-time favourite topic of each and every long suffering, sleep deprived parent in the world…..sleep, or lack of it!  I’m always asked “How’s Amelia getting on with sleeping in, or is she still a bad sleeper or does she sleep past 5 still?”

I wrote some time back about "How We Said Goodbye To Our 5am Wake Up Calls" , after getting help from a sleep consultant! You can read all about that here. Well I'm eating my words again, since Amelia got the chicken pox, we are back to her literally waking up with the birds and ready to take on the world at 5am most mornings! As I write this I'm wondering, is it the bloody birds waking her? Maybe I should move her bed from under the window…'s all laughable really, I'm saying in the title I've accepted defeat, but am always on the lookout for ways to get her to sleep…just a little longer!

It’s back to separate rooms for me and my poor husband, so one of us gets a full nights sleep!He is a soft touch, and let's her climb into bed with him….she will go back to sleep, but after he has rubbed back and feet….they talk about a pampered pooch, that's her in mini adult form! 


But we have had enough! Enough of the battle! She is four now, that’s four years of her waking from 5am onwards. My husband is exhausted, we want to be able to sleep in the same room, and for her to stay in hers! This morning I got up to her (I'm the strict one), I put her back to bed times, before I gave in, and went into the spare room with her. She hummed, clicked her tongue, moved every 5 secs, huffed, puffed and moaned…..I just give up! She is just an early riser. The opposite to her brother, who even if he is awake, will quite happily lie in his cot with his teddy until we come in to get him. I do wonder is it that he was always left that few minutes longer to cry it out as a baby, unlike nearly tripping over my myself to get Amelia if she so much as coughed in her sleep.

It’s an eye-opening fact for many parents: Some kids just wake up early and others don't. I just thank all the gods that Amelia was my first, she set me up for preparing for the worst…..Harry turned out loving his sleep so it was a win,win!

There’s a natural, circadian rhythm to the body and, unfortunately, it’s hard to force change in a child’s physiology. 

The good news? Early risers are known for being more positive and productive. The bad news? They often go against the grain of the rest of the family, especially parents desperate for shut-eye.

While I don't think Amelia is a light sleeper and joke about her being up with the birds, when I was putting her back to the bed in the early hours this morning,I could definitely hear the birds singing in the trees by her window. She sleeps with white noise by the end of her bed,so I may bring that to the top of the bed tonight and see will it cancel out the birds.


She is old enough now to play on her own in her room, so I leave a banana on her chest of drawers and she can have that and play with her dolls house quietly while the rest of us sleep….it's about doing what you can in a bad situation. 

I'd quite happily let her watch the iPad in her bed in the mornings, but she still hasn't quite the hang of unlocking it and going into YouTube!

It's not ideal, but just accepting that for the next few years, we too will be early risers. I'm always moaning about needing a few extra few hours during the day to get things done — now I have them.

Accepting defeat and making life easier for everyone is how we are going to go forward……although, I might just take out that Gro-Clock again,for just one last time😂

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T, A and H xxxx

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