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Dirt Cheap: Why Gardening’s Better Than Therapy!



No one likes to feel down so if you’re sitting indoors wondering about how you can feel better why not get out into the garden? Your mind will be focused on something else, you’ll be enjoying plenty of free, fresh air instead of munching on calorie-laden chocolate and you’ll also feel a major sense of accomplishment when you’ve planted a whole row of carrots!


Soil Is Healthy


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Interestingly, soil isn’t just good for our physical health as it helps to boost our immune system, building our defences against nasty bacteria and viruses but research has also revealed digging around in the dirt is fantastic for our mental health too! Why? Simply put, our brains have two chemicals, serotonin, and dopamine which are scientifically responsible for whether we feel happy or sad. For instance, those who often struggle with depression typically have middling to low serotonin levels, but now soil could have the answer. Gardening exposes you to soil, but in particular it means you’re exposed to Mycobacterium vaccae a lovely bacteria which tends to trigger the release of serotonin. Which means that while you're busy planting petunias and digging in the ground for new potatoes you’ll start to feel super happy.

They say that stress is a silent killer and if you don’t do something about that grumpy mood, those constant headaches, insomnia, nausea and heartburn you could end up quite ill indeed. Gardening allows us to slow down, reconnect with the natural world and remember that everything happens in its own time. If you fancy reading a novel or listening to music why not take a deck chair outdoors? Pour yourself a delicious fruit smoothie, pop it on the patio and enjoy reading while out in the fresh air and sunshine. 


Why not install a small pond? Decide what fish you’d like, check out where you’d want to put it and then order everything you’ll need to build it or book someone to do it for you. 

Pond supplies from Swell UK are of excellent quality, make ponds easier to maintain, and you’ll receive expert advice on how to make the most of your new aquatic haven. Don’t forget there’s also something lovely about growing your own fruit and veggies, picking flowers for the house instead of having to go to a florist in town and making homemade jams, pickles, and sauces that’ll see you through the winter months in style.



Hunt Then Harvest


It’s going to sound more than a little odd but picking a basket of tomatoes engages our primal instincts! Our neolithic ancestors weren’t able to just go and pick things off a supermarket shelf., Instead they had to hunt and forage every single day for their food. Even today when you pick fruit, you’re triggering that happy ‘getting to eat’ signal that we’ve been hardwired to respond to for over  200,000 years. Dopamine, or the happy hormone, floods our brain which makes us feel blissfully content and even euphoric, which means over time our minds associate that hit of positivity with putting on your gardening gloves!

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