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Everything You Need For The Ultimate Pamper Night

As any busy mother will know, it is often difficult to find the time to pamper yourself. Having children can often make you much more selfless than you were before being a mum, and you may not think that pampering is even necessary anymore. But now is the time to stop being so hard on yourself. Everyone deserves a treat every now and again, and even if you don't have the budget to check yourself into a luxury spa, there are plenty of ways you can create a relaxing spa experience right in the comfort of your own home. Once the kids are in bed, make the decision to spend some time on yourself – that work can wait until tomorrow! Ready to commit to some serious me-time? Read on for the ultimate pamper night guide.


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Set the mood

We all know about ambient lighting for when you are having a romantic night in with your significant other, but what about when it's just you? Well, the same thing goes. Dim your ceiling lamps, or just turn them off entirely and light your home with the table or floor lamps instead. The light that comes from ceiling lamps is usually pretty harsh, as they are designed for illuminating the whole room. The very bright light will signal to your brain that it is still time to work, rather than relax, so make a point of using softer lighting for your pamper night. It can also be worth lighting a few candles if you're confident that the kids aren't going to wander out of bed and knock any of them over! Opt for scented ones such as Wiff Candles to tingle all of your senses. The flickering flame is synonymous with spas, so you could even place a couple around the edge of your bathtub.

Come armed with your products

The last thing you want to be doing is scrambling around in the back of a cupboard trying to find that body scrub you're SURE you got last Christmas. Get out everything that you need before your night in so you're not spending ages looking for anything. A good exfoliator, a body wash and oil or a cream-based moisturisers should be all you really need. Hair and face masks are also a fun way to indulge if you have the time. Also, make sure you have a big fluffy towel at hand to wrap yourself in once you're done – close your eyes, and you could be in a 5-star hotel!


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Have refreshments on tap

No pamper night is complete without a selection of snacks and drinks. You probably won't want anything too heavy or stodgy, so why not indulge in a fancy mezze selection and a bottle of your favourite wine? Food that you can pick at as you go is ideal for a night in, as you are not obliged to sit down and eat it as a whole meal; rather, you can simply graze on it as and when you please.

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