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Excercise For A Better Mind and Body

If you live in a climate that’s as changeable as the UK’s, you will be familiar with how difficult it can be to get outside. We lead busy lives with work and family commitments. We’re probably already trying to take extra steps to be healthier in our diet and exercise level. What little free time we have that we would like to spend outside is often ruined by the weather. Cold, miserable days or heavy rainfall can stop us from enjoying fresh air and expansive skies. It's likely that we spend a lot of time indoors, probably in front of the television or a computer screen. Fresh air can be something we’re really lacking in our lives.



Studies have shown in the past that getting fresh air and oxygen can improve our mood, health, and concentration levels. It helps us to stay awake and alert. It energises our bodies and can benefit the whole family at any age. It’s no good if you’d love to get outdoors but you’re always left waiting for those warm Summer days that never come! It’s time to change our attitude and approach to the climate and get outdoors.


Dress For The Weather

While excercise is great, wearing the approximate clothing is a nevcsity. Especially for excercise. This doesn't mean the clothing has to break the bank, Fabletics is a beautiful range of work out gear that's at a great price. PMany of us refuse to get outdoors more because we hate the feeling of being cold and wet. Becoming damp or getting chilled can be a fast way to become ill. Colds, chest infections, and other nasty illnesses would be enough to scare anyway back indoors. But why do most of us find we’re run down and catching illnesses? Because we don’t dress for the weather! Many of us see the sun shining and assume that it must therefore be warm enough to go without a jacket. Or perhaps it’s stopped raining for the time being so we leave our umbrella at home. As the old saying goes, “if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail”. Being prepared with warm and waterproof layers means that our entire horizon expands. We are no longer a slave to the changing weather and we can finally make our own rules. If you were planning to take a walk but it starts raining, grab a waterproof jacket and an umbrella! Don’t be tempted to change your plans just because the weather has. If it looks sunny but could get colder later, layer up. Have a cooler item underneath and a warmer one close at hand. It sounds like the simplest tip in the world and one we should have learned when we were young. But it’s remarkable how quickly we forget it and allow our plans to be thwarted by the weather. Many people are now embracing changes such as the Winter picnic! Instead of warm, long days, you pack a lunch as normal but include flasks of hot coffee or comforting chocolate. You have blankets, waterproofs and find a sheltered area to watch the world go by. You’re still outdoors and getting all the benefits of the fresh air but without any risk of chill or illness.

The Daily Commute

Getting to and from work on a daily basis can often be a missed opportunity for fresh air and rxcercise. The rat race of being stuck behind the wheel or waiting on the bus can mean we arrive tired and irritable. Walking to work can be a great way to breathe deeply, clear your head and arrive refreshed. At the start of the day it will keep you alert, and at the end of the day it will help you unwind. If walking the length of the trip is not practical, then why not try a walk on your lunch hour? Or hop of the bus a little early and walk the last few stops? Walking may not seem like strenuous exercise that will have a vast effect. But fresh air and extra steps on a daily basis can have a big impact on our health and well being.

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