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First Aid For Children & Infants


Nobody wants to think about their baby or a child they care for becoming unwell. Of course if in any doubt always bring your child to the GP or nearest Emergency Department. Unfortunately sometimes, you may have to perform first aid at home. I would highly recommend all parents do a first aid course, if anything it gives piece of mind.

Below I have listed some basics of what to do in case of emergency:


From boiling water to touching a hot appliance;
•Cool Minor burns under cool running water.
•Cover with cling film or a loose sterile (non fluffy) bandage.
•Remove clothing if not stuck to the skin, as clothing retains heat.
•Seek medical assistance if unsure of the severity.


All kids fall and cut themselves at some stage. What to do in the case of severe bleeding;
•Blood loss should be treated as quickly as possible.
•Press on the wound with a clean pad.
•Secure with a bandage.
•Raise the wound above the level of the heart.
•Ring an ambulance.
*If there is anything embedded in the wound do not press on it, press either side of the wound,building up the padding around the object.




Temperatures are common in babies and toddlers,however as long as they are managed with paracetamol there is usually nothing to worry about. However some children can suffer from febrile convulsions ~ fits that occur with high temperatures. They can be quite terrifying to watch, but are rarely harmful.
•A febrile convulsion usually lasts between 20 seconds and two minutes.
•Take child to doctor or A&E
•If the fit lasts more than 3 minutes call an ambulance.
• While your baby/child is fitting, loosen any tight clothing and remove anything that is in her mouth,such as a soother
•Seek medical attention post fit.



Choking is every parents nightmare. Even as a nurse I still panic when Amelia has a moment of choking on a certain piece of food, I think the start of the weaning process had me on edge for weeks.

So what should you do if your child is choking on a piece of food or a foreign object?

•If the child is unable to breathe,cough or cry and you suspect they have an obstruction in their airway;
•Lay them face down on your forearm,with head low and supporting the body and head.
•Give up to give back blows between the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand.
•If the obstruction is still present,turn the infant around give up to five chest thrusts,with two fingers in the middle of the chest.
•Continue this cycle of five back blows and five chest thrusts, if the obstruction does not clear – PHONE AN AMBULANCE, but do not leave the child unattended.
•Continue the sequence until help arrives.

For your nearest first aid course contact click links below:
Ireland ~ Irish Red Cross
UK ~ British Red Cross

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