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Five Easy Ways To Help You Cut Out Those Bad Habits




We all have bad habits, but let’s face it: some habits are worse than others. Buying too many books has a significantly lower chance of making you very sick than smoking cigarettes, for example. It takes sixty-six days, or nine weeks and three days to break a habit. Here are some ways that you could do it…


Understand What Triggers You

First of all, it’s important to understand what it is that triggers your bad habit. If you tend to drink one glass of wine too many after a bad day at work, then you probably associate drinking with building up your self esteem again, or with healing difficult situations, which isn’t a particularly healthy way to look at it. Work on fighting those triggers first and foremost.


Change Your Environment

A lot of our habits depend on circumstances, so if you start changing the circumstances then a lot of the time the habit will end up being broken. If you’re finding it really hard to quit smoking, then stop walking by the place where you used to buy your cigarettes, and if you used to drink too much when you went out to the bar with your friends, try meeting them for coffee or brunch during the day instead.


Try Substitutions

One good way to manage to break your bad habits is by substituting them for habits that are slightly less unhealthy. If you smoke, you could replace your cigarettes with nicolites, and if you tend to do way too much online shopping when you get bored, you could find other ways to stop yourself from getting bored – start practising yoga, or start watching a new TV show that you love on Netflix. If you really want to cut down on your online shopping then you could always download an app called Block Site, which will mean that you can’t access the sites after you’ve blocked them on your computer (and don’t worry – you can unblock them again one day if you want!).


Stay Busy

A good way to distract yourself from whatever bad habit you’re trying to break is by staying busy. Even something as simple as quitting biting your nails can be helped if you take up a hobby like knitting or sewing so that your hands are busy in the evenings and they don’t creep into your mouth. Distracting yourself can really help – invite friends over, start volunteering, pick up a new hobby, finally start writing that book that you’ve always dreamed of getting published.


Treat Yourself


Finally, many habits turn out to be pretty expensive – for instance, going on too many nights out with your friends, or smoking. Put together the money that you’re saving from breaking that habit, and spend it on something concrete that you really want and that you wouldn’t otherwise have indulged in – go for that perfect new buttery leather jacket, or for those heels that are more expensive than you’d usually splash out on, or buy concert tickets that are much closer to the stage than you’d usually choose. Make sure that you reward yourself for your hard work – breaking habits is hard, and you should be proud of yourself.

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