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Harry At 18 Months



When I first went to write this, I went into my  search engine to have a read of Amelia's 18 month update….you know, to do what we do best and compare! While she was babbling away and calling her daddy by his name, she still was bare foot, and didn't walk for another month. While I've slowed down with the blog, and find Instagram another great way to document our update, I'm so glad I had that post to read back over, and the rest. I ended up reading back through them all!

Onto the man of the moment, our little prince Harry. He is most definitely a toddler now, and knows exactly what he does and doesn't want. He is sensitive, a mummy's boy and is easily upset. But, he is more than able to fight his corner. Well able to pick up a Hurley or stick and run after his sister…..we did tell her a long time ago, once he was on his two feet he would be getting his own back for all the torture she puts him through. 




While he is still not talking, he understands everything and we eventually figure out what he wants, through pointing and sometimes tears and tantrums. I do feel so sorry for him at times, when the frustration gets too much. 

He is adventurous , but not as confident as his sister. In other words, he will always check that I'm behind him and then go forward. From 16 months he has been climbing, climbing up on chairs, counters, slides and swings. Swinging….I think in a former life this boy was a monkey. He takes the definition of swinging to the limits. When the house is quiet you will 9/10 times find Harry in the downstairs bathroom, holding onto the sink and legs in the air swinging from side to side. 






Life with a boy has been eye opening, heart stopping and just pure loving. I said on an Instagram post recently that "other people talk about the love between boys and their mummy's, but until you have your own little man you will never quite understand". I think little girls are generally more independent, boys need their mummy's more, and sure who doesn't love being needed and wanted, it's the best kind of love anyone could show you. So like all my other posts that I did of Harry from birth to 1 year, listed here.

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SLEEP/FEEDING:  At 18 months I can finally say "he is sleeping through the night", just like his sister, it was 18 months when she started sleeping through! Now when I say through the night, that's a wake up at 6am. Anything from 6am is accepted in our house, we have just learned to live with it. There are occasions that he wakes at night, these are usually the nights he is teething or has had a bad nap that day. I'm all for structured naps during the day. Without a doubt the are counter active to what type of sleep they will have that night. Harry usually will go back down for a nap of at 9:30/10 and this will usually be anything from 1.5-3hrs. Though both kids wake up around the 6am mark, we keep them upstairs until 8am. We watch a movie or a cartoon on the iPad and Amelia usually runs downstairs and gets them a banana. Harry still takes a full bottle of milk to bed and will have one first thing in the morning, however in the last two weeks he has barely touched it, and I think now would be a good time to get rid of it when he is loosing interest. He has his dummy for nap times and bed times only. 8:00am ~ Breakfast really has not changed since he was weaned, Ready Brek with fruit puree/Weetabix and a bit of toast with water or Orange Juice


9:30/10~ Nap for 1.5hrs-3hrs. I try to prepare the dinner in this time, tidy downstairs, put on a wash and have a shower. By the time this is done it's time to pick Amelia up from Montessori. <12:30 ~ Lunch, which is really dinner. I have recently started to give both kids their dinner in the isle of the day. They are hungrier for it then and I don't mind them picking during the afternoon, knowing they have has a big meal. It ranges every day from a stew, Spag Bol,pasta or whatever I've conjured up that morning! Both kids will eat almost everything, but wouldn't be the biggest fans of potato, cheese, baked beans or potato waffles. Our afternoons vary. Harry would still have a nap if I left him, but I found we were becoming house bound. With the dark evenings starting to close in, I try and get out of the house for the afternoon. We don't go to any playgroups, but will go to the park, playground, walks on the river or softplay. Harry attends Nursery two mornings a week for 5 hours and I feel he gets plenty of social interaction there.

15:00 ~ Snack, not sure why I have a time here….he could snack all day. For snacks I offer apple, raisins, rice cakes, baby biscuits, popcorn, chopped up berries or melon or dry cheerios. Anything that's handy to pop in my bag!

16:30~ Dinner which is now tea, an omelet always goes down well mixed with ham and tomato, or a chicken salad, boiled egg and toast, mini pizza, fish fingers (I have to take the breaded coating off for Harry, smoked salmon, pasta, soup. Any of the recipes on my blog the kids have tried, tested and approved. 18:30 ~ Bath every other night and 7oz bottle, bed by 19:00, as I did earlier this bottle is rarely drank, so I may substitute it for a bowl of ready break to keep him going through the night.

TEETH: 14 teeth, so still has a few to go. Those big back ones caused us a few nights of grief. Calpol and Calgel were my trusty companions on those nights.

CLOTHES ~ 18-24 months. He has long legs and a shorter body, so some tops he can still get away with 12-18 months. My favourite shops for him are H&M, Zara, Mothercare and some lovely independent shops I've found through Instagram.

NAPPIES ~ Size 6 pampers. Amelia was still in size 4+ at this age (there I go again comparing)

DEVELOPMENT ~ Running like a race horse every where and can still get a bit wobbly and fall over, lots of grunting, few words, but knows how to get his point across. Words: Mama,Dada, Ada (Amelia),Gaga (grandad), tractor,car,shoe, Nana (dummy. . Loves to dance and hop. Adores trying on other people's shoes and walking around in them. Will spend a lot of time at Amelia's kitchen just pottering, opening and closing doors and banging the pots and pans. He loves lego, and anything that has a tractor, it's a serious obsession and being out on his bike.

LOVES ~ Broccoli, Fish, Carrots, having the back of his neck rubbed,bath time, having his hair brushed, walks in the park, but most of all being free to roam around the house and pull things apart, having the house to himself (as in 5 days a week when Amelia goes to Montessori, pulling Amelia's hair, turning off the hoover switch when I'm using it, switching off the TV when we are watching it (he thinks this is hilarious), turning off and on light switches and ringing the doorbell (over and over), playing/destroying my make up, and using my make up brushes to tickle my face in the mornings. He loves to climb, and climb and climb, and then swing from whatever height and give his mummy heart failure! He loves his sister, and while she kills him, drags him around, pushes him and bullies him, he misses her when she is not around…..he is learning from the best! That's life with my boy!!

<DISLIKES ~ having his nose cleaned, nails cut, he gets very upset when I tell him to put Teddy and his dummy back into the cot, these are for bed time only! ( we are on our 3rd Ewan Dreamsheep, he sucks the ears, you can't machine wash them and he is stink). Heres to another great year with my little prince. No doubt it will be full of falls, heartbreak and bruises and lots of love along the way.


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T, A & H xxx

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