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Home Made Lemon Jelly For Kids

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Hello! It has been a while since I popped a food post up here but I thought I'd add a couple of recipes we made over the weekend – homemade jelly and ice cream. We used lemon Juice for ours, but you can use any juice you like.   

Homemade jelly


• 2 tbsp caster sugar

• 600ml fruit juice

• Some fruit pieces (you can add any fruit you like)

• 4 gelatine leaves


• Soak the leaves in a few tablespoons of juice

• Heat the remaining juice in a pot until hot, do not let it boil

• Stir in the sugar until dissolved

• Add the gelatine leaves once they have softened and stir until dissolved. Stir in the dissolving juice too.

• Leave to cool then pour into individual bowls.

• Add fruit if required and chill in the fridge to set   

We found some great deals on commercial fridges for sale. When we were buying our white goods for the new house. The battle of American fridge vs. Integrated hidden away fridge went on for a while….but the one who cooks and cleans won that battle! Hello integrated Fridge!We went with a Twin Fridge Freeze hidden neatly behind our wooden kitchen frame. Three deep vegetable drawers….. any other mums out there agree: you just can never have too much storage space, fridge included. I keep all my jars of sauces and jams in the fridge, we like things old in our house, so having ample amount of space in the fridge is a huge winner for us and really a necessity for any family who likes to eat fresh. 

When initially choosing a fridge the style of fridge will most likely be the first thing anyone will look at. Here are some questions to ask yourself as well as some things to consider…

1. Will it be an American fridge, a French door twin style fridge freezer or integrated?

2. Do you want an ice-maker and water dispenser?

3. Amount of usable space within the fridge 

4. Ample amount of drawers for drinks, meat and vegetables.  It is so important to shop around for a fridge. Check out comparison sites for different brands, read reviews from real people and make an informed choice before handing over your hard earned cash. 

Homemade “ice cream”

To accompany the homemade jelly, why not try some homemade “ice cream”? It lasts for 6 months and is perfect for soothing painful teething gums. There is no added sugar, but it is sweet and the perfect treat for all of the family. I made strawberry “ice cream" below. We make this all the time, peaches and strawberry is the favourite combo in this house or even better mixed. 


•2 x 50g pots of strawberry fromage frais

•50g mascarpone cheese

•50g strawberries 

•1 drop of vanilla essence  


•Mix the yogurt & cheese together, put in a dish (suitable for the freezer) and freeze for 2 hours 

•Purée the strawberries and vanilla essence – mix together with the frozen yoghurt. 

•I placed my frozen yoghurt into small snack pots and then popped them into the freezer, perfect for an after lunch treat.   

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