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How To Have A Child Friendly Day In Any City

If you’re not from a big city, getting used to it can be difficult. Even if you’ve lived in a city all your life, having children makes you see cities differently. It’s possible to have a child-friendly day out anywhere!



Before you go rushing to the car for your big day out, you must pack carefully. Kids can be more challenging if you’re visiting somewhere new. You want to make sure you have home comforts to keep them distracted. I like to pack a few toys and simple activities such as a colouring book in case they start to get fidgety.

As well as your usual items such as bottles and nappies, you might want to bring a spare change of clothes. Many parents forget to do this, and it can be a life-saver when your little angel has decided to make a mess of themselves!

I’d also recommend bringing a few snacks and drinks. It can be expensive to keep feeding kids in a big city, so make sure you have something to keep them occupied.

Eating Out

When I’m out with the kids, I like to have a few places in mind for food. You want to be able to go somewhere where there is access to changing facilities and the right seating. It’s easy to check most places online, and if you call ahead I’m sure the restaurant will let you know!

I think many parents worry about trying new foods when they have young children. I’m determined to try the best Lebanese restaurant I can find here, as it was our favourite kind of food to eat in the UK and Amelia would eat it too. I think that if you choose options from the menu for kids that they recognise, you’ll have no problem! If you have a fussy eater, most children will eat something simple like chips.


One of the great things about being in a big city is that you have a larger choice of activities for the family. A quick search online will bring up plenty of ideas.

It can be tricky to pick something, and some things can be quite costly. I recommend booking at least one activity ahead to avoid disappointment. For the rest of the day, you can make it an adventure and explore with the kids. They’ll love getting to find new and exciting things just as much as you do!

Look on forums for parents and ask others about their favourite places to take their children. They may suggest something less obvious than tourist-type activities.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a day out in the city. Cities still have parks and free museums that can be a lot of fun.


If you’re worried about safety when you’re visiting a city, all all you need to remember is to stay alert. If you’re tired and groggy, try take a break if you can.


Children love to run off without a care in the world, so make sure they are always in your eye line. If you have an active child, you might want to consider a child to adult harness to keep them close!

Do you have any other tips for child-friendly days out?

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