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How To Make Room In Your Home For A New Arrival


You’re expecting a new arrival then congratulations! Whether it’s your first or your eighth, a new baby is always just as exciting. There are plenty of things you’re going to want to plan before they get here. Buying new clothes, thinking of possible names, and making space in your home. The last one may be the trickiest of them all. How do you make room in your home for a new arrival? Even if you’re pushed for space, it can be done.

New Nursery

The first thing you’re going to want to work is on a nursery for the little one. Now, not everyone has the space to dedicate a whole room to their child, and that’s fine. You can set up their nursery in your own bedroom if you don’t have a spare room.Ideally, you want to section off the room so that it’s clear there is a divide. In one corner, there should be a changing table and somewhere for your baby to sleep. In the other, your bed and furniture. This will also stop you feeling like the room is getting smaller and smaller.

We were really caught for space when we lived on London, and I was pregnant with Amelia, so this is exactly what we did. We put up some shelving,placed a changing table/chest of drawers underneath, and placed some bunting across the shelves and her cot was also in the same corner to make it “Amelia’s Corner” of our room. See picture above.

If you do have a spare room then it’ll be a lot easier for you. Don’t forget that newborn babies won’t need anything bigger than a moses basket to start. You may want to invest in a cot, but that can be done much later on. If you’re creating a nursery from an old study or bedroom, then be sure to make it a whole new space. This means painting the walls, new curtains and new furniture. This can then be used as your child’s room for years to come, without the need to redecorate.


More Living Space

Not a lot of people think about creating extra living space when planning for a new arrival. However, it is well worth giving it a thought. You may want to turn the lounge into more of a playroom and have a separate room for entertaining the adults. PVCU Orangeries are a great way to add extra living space, and they make for perfect adult-only living rooms.

If you don’t have the space, then you may want to section off parts of the room again, like with the nursery. Have an area in the lounge that is specifically for toy boxes and baby things. The rest of your living space is then yours. By sectioning off parts of the room, you can also make the whole space appear bigger. A win-win situation!


Before your new baby arrives you’re definitely going to want to declutter. You’ll soon end up filling attic spaces with old baby clothes and photos, so it’s time for a spring clean. Go through rooms of the house one by one, putting things into piles. Stuff you want to keep, stuff that can be thrown away, and things that can be donated or sold. This will make life so much easier when the baby gets here. Luckily, when you start nesting you’ll want to declutter anyway!

These are just some of the top tips you’ll need when planning for a new arrival. By creating designated baby and adult areas, it won’t matter how big or small your house is. All that will matter is that your baby has their own space. And so do you!

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