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Innovative Ways To Take Your Family On Holiday

For many families across the country and indeed, the whole world, the prospect of a yearly holiday is what keeps them going. Okay, so maybe yearly is a little ambitious for many of us. But getting away from it all in a nice hot country, kids in the pool and cocktail is hand is a pretty great way to break up the year, right? Unfortunately, in order to get into that position, we first need to save up for said dream vacation; something that is often easier said than done. Holidays don't come cheap, especially as hotel and flight companies are notorious for shooting the prices up the second the school holidays start. But there are ways around it, and ways you can be proactive throughout the year so you have more than enough money to do your dream holiday on. Here are just a few of those tips. 


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Cut out the things you are wasting your money on 

You may not realise it, but you could easily be spending money every single week on things you don't need. Okay, so it could be stuff you THINK you need – but wouldn't you rather have a week in Spain than a monthly magazine subscription that works out at £12 a month? Okay, so it may not sound like much money. But by cutting out this kind of expenditure, you could easily save yourself a ton of money that could go towards your family break. If you have a huge Sky bundle but honestly, you only ever watch a select few channels, contact them to ask about downgrading to a cheaper payment plan. It will be no skin off your nose and the only thing you can possible gain from it is a huge saving. 

Get back in control of your debts 

Booking a holiday when you have outstanding debts is a tricky one. You may feel unable to do so, as the guilt of owing money can often hang over us like a threat. But by contacting some professionals, your debt could be cleared sooner than you think. Now, you may 
wonder if you can get debt consolidation with no fees possible? Thankfully, there are some services out there who offer no broker fees, and who can also stop your lenders from ramping up the interest on your repayments. Simply being back in the driving seat when it comes to your finances can take a huge amount of pressure off you and your family, and you can be booking that holiday before you know it!


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Find some extra ways to make cash 

If taking on extra hours in the office isn't an option for you (when you have kids, is it ever an option?!), why not consider taking on a work-from-home side hustle? There are plenty of surprising ways in which you can make money from home, whether it is being a Virtual Assistant or even just trading on Etsy or eBay. Plus, because you can do it all from home, there's nothing to stop you keeping an eye on the kids either.

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