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Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Shedding the extra pounds gained during pregnancy is one of the most difficult problems a new 
mum will encounter. There is the desire to get back into shape whether it is to regain a well-toned 
body, flat tummy or just get rid of love handles. Apart from the desire to look physically attractive, 
losing extra weight gained during pregnancy has many health benefits for both mother and baby.

The real challenge, however, is how to decide on the best way to lose the excess weight. Some of 
the most effective and healthy considerations are:

Breast Feeding 

Yes, breast feeding is a natural way of losing weight. This is because your body burns 300 to 500 
calories daily to produce milk. With breastfeeding, you can lose 1 to 2 pounds a week. The 
advantage of breastfeeding is that it is not strenuous and the weight loss will start soon after birth. 
The healthy diet intake of a nursing mother is also beneficial to both mother and child, and since 
the weight is lost gradually, it stays off longer.
The demerits of this method are that eventually, it will not help you lose all the weight, and it has 
to be paired with activities such as exercising once your body is ready. Getting your diet right as 
you also seek to balance it with your milk supply could also be hectic.


Regular exercising is a healthy way of shedding baby fat and doing it with consistency will 
ultimately help keep this weight away. You should, however, wait for at least six weeks before 
taking up any exercise, to give your body time to recover from child birth.

It is advisable to start with activities like walking, exercises involving the pelvic muscles and 
stretching. Gradually, you can incorporate simple cardio exercises into your routine like power 
walks or runs. The best thing about these exercises is that you can take along your baby in a 
stroller. As your body becomes stronger, you can add in resistance training, lifting light weights 
and performing plank exercises to strengthen your core. This will strengthen your bones and 
muscles which will greatly help you even in carrying your baby.

The downsides of exercising are that it could take some time before your body gets used to it and 
you get the right work out plan. In the case of persistent pain or discomfort consider changing your 
workout plan. It could also feel very uneasy to work out in your regular nursing bra, so find a 
supportive nursing sports bra and ensure that your breasts are not full of milk before starting to 

Post-partum Dieting 

Watching your calorie intake by sticking to a post childbirth diet is also a good for weight loss. This 
includes more intakes of complex carbohydrates from whole grains, eating foods rich in Omega 3, 
proteins, iron, calcium and taking more green vegetables. Your nutritionist will help you work out a 
suitable dietary plan and advise you on what food to eat for every meal.

The advantage of this method is that a healthy post-partum diet is beneficial to your body. If you 
are nursing, it will again ensure that your milk supply is high and your baby is nourished. The cons 
are that if you choose the wrong diet or end up starving yourself, the results will be negative for 

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