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Love The Little Things #8

Welcome to week 8 of Love The Little Things.It’s Friday…..and for a change I have that Friday feeling!!! I’m off for a girlie weekend to Dublin.School friends, drinks,catching up,dinner,more drinks,catching Dirty Dancing in the theatre and then no doubt more drinks! I’m excited!I know it seems we are away every weekend, but we have a lot going on all at once, and after years of missing loads of events while living in London,we are now making up for it! We have a very quiet winter planned!

Onto this weeks ‘Little Loves’ hosted by the ever lovely Morgama over at butwhymummywhy, as I say every week,check out the other blogs on this linky,they are very much worth a read!



Im still reading Only Ever Yours by Louise O’ Neill, it’s a gripping book, I just wish I could switch off and read! By the time it comes to going to bed I’m shattered.I have a train journey over the weekend & I have vowed to switch off my phone and finish it!


Our Little House in The Country, Ciara a teacher has some very lucky children! Her blog consistently posts new fun ideas for indoor & outdoor activities,with development & sensory in mind. Looking for some garden play inspiration, take a look at her latest post on ‘Whats inside the Ice Cube’ or another favourite of mine ‘Bubble Painting with Straws‘.

Gal meets Glam: Great style inspiration from San Francisco based blogger Julia, though I’ll never be able to afford most of this beautiful bloggers attire, it’s great for some ideas.


I think TV is really crap at the minute, however I am back watching Bondi Rescue, yes folks that’s pretty sad when it’s the best you can find on 100’s of TV channels.


We went to a friends wedding last weekend and I wore this ensemble! We got upgraded in the hotel to a suite (living room,TV in bath etc), but didn’t get a chance to enjoy it properly, as we left early the next morning.

Dress ~ Warehouse, Hat ~ Etsy, Shoes ~ Zara, Glasses ~ Rayban





As Im off to see Dirty Dancing this week, I’ve been playing the soundtrack all week! Did I say I was excited about a going away???


This week I made Salmon with Honey & Soy Marinate. Suitable from 1 year +. Amelia loved it,as did I. We are still working on the fish hating husband.Click here for the recipe.






I wanted to give a mention to this little beauty that I was sent recently the Nails Inc Micro Pedi, an electronic foot file.. Pre baby there was nothing more that I liked getting done than a monthly mani & pedi, those days are over for now, like I’m sure with a lot of other mums. Not only the time involved, but I’d rather spend my money on other things now. The micro pedi is the closet you will get to an ‘in salon’ pedicure for removing hard callouses & skin in my opinion. I used this after coming back from holiday, with dry/hard feet from wearing flip flops,no shoes,sand etc, my feet were in a bad way! This genius little tool had them soft and like I had a professional pedicure within days. It has a little roller which files/buffs away the hard skin so gently,no pain,no redness and it stops if you press too hard. It’s better than any other skin remover tool I have ever used before,with results within seconds.I honestly love it. If I was to pick a flaw,the only one would be that there is nothing to gather the ‘dust’ from the buffed skin, so this needs to be done over the bath or on a towel. My Nails Inc Micro Pedi also came with a plastic cover for the foot file & a little brush for cleaning,along with two lovely new Nails Inc Polishes, another #littlelove, you can never have too many nail polishes!
Sorry I just realised I spoke about feet after food!!X

Have a lovely weekend,

T & A xxxx

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9 Responses to Love The Little Things #8

  1. Ahhh, thanks so so much for the lovely mention Triona, a really lovely start to my day! Have a fantastic weekend! Sooooo jealous- while you’re all glammed up I’ll be trying out our new tent in the garden with two little monkeys in preparation for our next camping trip next weekend! Enjoy a cocktail or two for moi! Xxx

    • says:

      No problem Ciara, I wish Amelia was a little bigger so we could do all the activities ye do!!ill be looking back at your posts in another few years for inspiration!xx

  2. Emma Kershaw says:

    Some great little loves there! Love your outfit 🙂 #littleloves

  3. Anna-Marie says:

    I love your outfit! I am desperate for a Pedi! Enjoy Dirty Dancing, I absolutely loved it! Great #littleloves this week x

    • says:

      I honestly think the micro pedi is brilliant, but obviously no where near the real
      Deal of sitting down to be pampered & massaged!xx

  4. Gorgeous outfit! Have a fab weekend in Dublin, I’m sure Dirty Dancing will be great xxx

  5. Wow, I LOVE your outfit!
    I’ve seen that Nails Inc Micro Pedi on an advert the other and I’m really tempted to get it. I think I will now after reading your review.
    Have a great time away! xx

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