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Make it personal – employee retention and the perfect new baby gift

If you run a business, deciding what to buy for an employee who’s just had a baby can be tricky. Even if you’ve had kids yourself, it’s not always easy to know what sort of gift would best fit the bill. Fresh flowers are a popular choice, but beautiful as they may be, these gifts can lack the personal touch.


If you’re searching for a present that’s guaranteed to impress a new mum and show that your company really cares about its workers, keep reading. In this blog, we explore some of the best gift options and look at how making the effort when it comes to welcoming a new baby can help you to retain your employees.


What to consider when selecting a gift


Offering advice on what to think about when hunting for the ideal gift, experts in new baby and maternity presents BabyBlooms suggests that it’s important to find something that’s practical but at the same time isn’t boring. It also recommends seeking out gifts that are memorable and will create an impression, but that aren’t too flashy. 


In addition, the specialist retailer highlights the importance of trying to strike the right balance between getting something that’s neither too cheap nor extravagant, and that’s thoughtful without being overly personal.


Top choices


Now that you know what sort of criteria your present should meet, it’s time to start narrowing down your options. One great choice that a new mum is bound to love is a baby clothing bouquet. These creations include a mixture of beautiful silk flowers and classic baby garments. The clothes can quickly and easily be extracted from the displays, leaving the blooms as a lasting flower arrangement.


Another superb new baby gift idea is a hamper. You can get selections containing a combination of useful baby gifts and pampering accessories for the mum. From baby blankets, to skincare products, to soft toys, a hamper can include an array of goodies.


Alternatively, perhaps a nappy cake would tick all the right boxes for your colleague. Designed to look just like a real cake, these creations contain nappies and a selection of other handy items, from bibs and muslin squares to body suits, soft toys and socks.    


Baby clothing bouquets, hampers and nappy cakes are all great gifts if you want to make a big impression on the new mum. They’re practical, thoughtful and pretty – and you can choose versions that suit your budget. They can also be personalised for that extra special touch. 


A little effort goes a long way


Ordering these gifts doesn’t take much time or effort. You can simply place your order online, and many presents are now available with next day delivery. So, as soon as you get the good news, you can send best wishes in style. Your employee will really appreciate the gesture. It shows that you and your colleagues are thinking about them at this important time.


As well as putting a smile on the new mum’s face, this simple but meaningful gesture could help you to cultivate greater loyalty among your staff members. When people feel looked after by their employers, they’re more likely to stick around in their roles. Ultimately, this is good news for worker retention and for the long term success of your organisat

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