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Make Your Garden Child Friendly and Safe

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big believer in children spending as much time outdoors as possible. Today, far too many kids spend the majority of their time stuck inside watching television.



If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you should be encouraging your children to spend as much time outdoors as possible. That being said, I know that getting kids to go outside isn’t always easy. However, if you transform your garden into somewhere that is family-friendly, they will be happier to spend more time out there. 


To help you do this, I thought that I would share all my favourite tips and ideas for creating a family-friendly garden:  


Design a play area  

Children love the park, so why not create their very own mini play area at home? Obviously, what you can incorporate will depend on the size of your garden. If you have a large enough space, a slide, sandpit, trampoline, and swings, are all great options.   For a smaller garden, a slide and a sandpit are ideal. You are giving your child a couple of fun things to play with, without allowing their play area to take over the whole space. To create a play area that’s fun, but also fits in with the theme of the rest of the garden, opt for wooden play equipment.  To keep it safe for playing use playground rubber chips, these are soft and manor for a gentle landing if they should fall.


Transform your shed or outhouse

If you have an unused shed or outhouse, why not turn it into a play area for your children? This can be used in both the winter and summer months, as long as you add some form of heating to it.   There are so many amazing ideas for designing your children an awesome outdoor playhouse – have a look on Pinterest to get some ideas. You’ll be amazed at all the fabulous ideas and stunning designs. The best thing about this is that transforming your own shed or outhouse is much easier than you would think.  


Make your garden secure  


Sadly, the world isn’t always a safe place; there are some nasty people out there. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your garden is as secure as possible. This is especially important if your little ones are old enough to be outside on their own.   The best way to make your garden secure is by having a fence that is at least five foot. Low fences might make your garden feel larger, but in terms of safety, they aren’t practical. If you want fencing that requires little care and won’t need staining each year, opt for maintenance free fencing. This is a great option, as you don't need to stress about it, once it's installed, that's it.   If you have a gate leading into your garden, install a lock on it. So that whether your kids are playing outside alone, or you are focusing on hanging out the washing while they play, you know that they are safe.  


Believe it or not, creating a family-friendly garden is much easier than you think. All you need to do is take note of my tips above, and you can create your children the perfect place to play.  


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