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Make Your Halloween Costumes From Rubbish Clearance

Half the fun of Halloween is seeing everyone decked out in their costumes and homemade costumes usually get the most attention and admiration of course. This year, why don't you take a cue from the Festival of Arts Runway Fashion Show and make your costumes out of your rubbish clearance. This annual fashion show takes place in Laguna Beach, California and features models walking the runway in "found designs" made from reclaimed and recycled materials! It's a big hit with everyone and it makes a bold statement about sustainability! 

The little ghosts and ghouls in your family will love making their own costumes from rubbish clearance. They'll also love all the attention they'll get. Besides the immediate family, get the whole extended family together: cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Let that synergistic creativity flow and come up with some stunning designs. Who said horns can't be made out of old socks and tightly wound rubberbands! Invite some neighborhood kids and school chums over too. Send out the invitations on repurposed scrap paper — You're Invited to a Rubbish Clearance Halloween Costume Making Party!  

Shhhhhh… we'll let you in on a secret too. There's a slightly devious part to this plan for a Halloween rubbish clearance party. Getting ready for the party is the perfect 


excuse to get help in cleaning out all your cupboards and the loft! You've been begging for help for years, right? Well, here's your chance to ask for "help" without anyone complaining about it! Pretty sneaky, huh? We won't tell. 

Encourage the children to really use let their imaginations run wild. They can use old clothes, old hats, and old accessories, as long as they are repurposed into fashionable Halloween costumes. Old boxes and packing materials also make good raw materials for halloween costumes, like turning them into a T-Rex head! Old newspapers, magazines, and other paper items like paper towel rolls are perfect for small children to work with since there is little danger in using these items. Older children with supervision can be turned loose on those weird items in your junk drawer. Does anyone know what this is? What did this thing come off of? Finally, you'll get answers to these perplexing questions when you help repurpose all those "doo dads!" 

When the costumes are all made, you can have a "fashion show" of your own in the garden. Invite the parents of the kids you had over to come and some other neighbors too and let the children strut their creations! Hoot and holler and live it up for the creative designs you've all created! Celebrate the kids and the Earth. Talk about the fact you are saving these items from going in the landfill! You may even be able to put your creative minds together and fashion a runway out of the rubbish you've collected! 

You may start a new family tradition after you explain to the little ones why it's important not to buy a brand new costume at the store only to toss it in the rubbish bin a week later! This is the type of lesson that keeps on giving as your kids can pass on the tradition to their kids and your neighbors may decide to throw a similar party at their house. The children will be learning a valuable lesson but they won't even know it because they'll be having so much fun. 

With all the money you'll be saving on store bought costumes, you can easily afford to call Clearabee for an on demand rubbish clearance pickup. You can also share pictures of your fashion show on Clearabee's Facebook page to support the philosophy behind their business of repurposing and recycling as much as possible. By using the services of Clearabee, you'll know that about ninety percent of whatever you don't use for making the costumes will still go on to have a long life OUTSIDE the landfill. It will also give you the perfect opportunity to brag on Clearabee a bit for being so diligent about taking rubbish to places that will repurpose or recycle it. 

Don't get spooked by all the rubbish piling up in your home! Instead, have some fun with it and throw your very own rubbish clearance costume making party this year! It doesn't even really need to be Halloween to have fun with this idea! You could just throw a rubbish fashion show as part of a sleep over!

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