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Moving abroad with Kids- the Dos and Don’ts



Moving house is famously an incredibly stressful time, add kids into the mix and there are more complications, but moving to a new house, in a new country, with children? That can be a little overwhelming! However, moving can also mean the beginning of a new chapter in your life, and a whole load of new adventures to share with your family. Here are some tips on making this transition as stress-free as possible. 


DO- Do a lot of research (and include the kids!) If you’re moving to a new country make sure you do a lot of research before hand, of course with things like schools, banks and all the grown up stuff it is essential you know what you’re dealing with. However, look at some of the local amenities with the kids- parks that are near home, cafes you can go to for an ice-cream on your first proper day there. If you’re going somewhere with a new language, practice with the kids, get them to test you on basic phrases and vice versa. Small things make the biggest difference and any way to get the kids excited about their new destination should be taken advantage of. 


DON’T- Don’t forget that things are going to get easier. You may be on a high when you first arrive, and then feel a sudden drop down to earth with a thump when those feelings of homesickness and isolation creep in. Remember, things will get better- make an effort to get out there and meet new people, and try to find a class to learn the language, it may take a while, but this time next year you’ll be right at home in your new destination. 


DO- Think about using a reliable international removals company to take some of the pressure of moving off your own shoulders. They will be able to help with the difficult bureaucracy that might be involved in shipping your things over to your new country, and resolve any issues that crop up. Although of course it’s not recommended to take every single object you own when you move, use this as an opportunity to de-clutter and take only the things you really need, plus a few special items you can’t bear to part with. 


DON’T- Forget that each child is different. Age is important, and each child is experiencing certain things in his/her life. For example, if you have a teenager and a young child, they will most likely see moving abroad completely differently. Remember to keep in mind that they most likely have a group of friends that they will be wanting to see more often before your departure (especially the teenagers) so even inviting them over the house more will make the future separation go a little more smoothly. 


DO- Have a going away party! There’s nothing like an empty (or almost empty) house that just screams “party”. Invite your friends, neighbours, and family over for a well-deserved get together, and party your last pre departure anxieties away. Throwing a party also allows you to see everybody together before you go, and gives you a chance to reminisce about the past. With a house filled with laughter, joy, and music, a going away party will set you in a great mood for your upcoming adventure. Again, don’t leave out the kids, they should feel involved in every step- including the party and guest list!


DON’T- Freak out. Moving abroad can be challenging, and with kids in the mix, it can be even more stressful. Nonetheless, moving abroad will also possibly be one of the best experiences you can grant you and your children. Living in a different country, with a new language, and with a new culture will have you and your family feeling like explorers ready to face the world. Also remind yourself that your friends and family as still there for you, and maybe book your tickets for your first trip back home (if possible) early on so you still feel a connection. 


So have fun, enjoy the ride, and don’t let the temporary anxiety get to you- it will all work out, and the kids are going to love it! Communication, organisation and patience is key.



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