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My Big Ideas For Your Small Home

As your family grows, your small home can begin to feel cramped and cluttered. The children’s belongings seem to spread out from room to room, and it can feel quite claustrophobic. I’ve recently been looking into some clever ideas to make the most of your small spaces. Some of them can even help give the illusion of more space in your home. Here are some of my favourite ways to maximise your little space this winter:


Living Room – Any furniture in here should ideally double up as extra storage. Coffee tables with built-in drawers and TV stands with extra cupboards are ideal. Of course, if you need extra floor space for the kids to play, you can always use a wall mounting bracket to hang your TV from. Some sofa suites have built in consoles with deep cubbies so you can store your DVDs, magazines and remote controls inside.


Bathroom – I love built in storage in the bathroom. It may be a tough choice but getting rid of your bath for a walk in shower can be so much easier and safer, especially if you have problems getting in and out of the bath. It helps with the dog too! Frameless shower screens make my job much easier when it comes to cleaning and they look contemporary too. For a stylish bathroom, try vanity units and showers to maximise a small space.

Bedroom – The kids’ bedrooms are carpeted. Now they have a floor covering of toys! I love the idea of the hanging hammocks for teddy bears and soft toys. The kids can easily pop all their bits inside so I can see what colour the carpet really is. Shelving units are ideal for children’s rooms, but they must be bolted securely to the wall to avoid toppling on top of the little ones. Bunk beds help save space when they are room sharing.

Hallway – My understairs cupboard used to be a mess. I found a hanger for my iron and board, and immediately saved so much space. If you take off the panelling under your stairs, you can find even more useful storage areas for odd bags or shoes. I’ve found a large mirror for the wall, and it feels like it has opened up my little hallway area. The light it reflects makes the whole space seem much brighter and lighter too.

Kitchen – Simply changing your splashback tiles to a lighter colour can make the space feel much brighter. A smaller kitchen table can also provide more space to walk around the kitchen. Making your space count is really important in a small house.

Over the coming years, the kids will be finished with all their toys so you’ll have less clutter. If moving is not an option for you in the meantime, why not try a couple of these tips and tricks?


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