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Tips for traveling with children

When you are able to get out of town and enjoy taking a break from life, it is always nice. For those who have kids, going on vacation is definitely something the whole family can look forward to. Before you can head out and enjoy your getaway, if you plan to bring your kids along, it would be wise to do planning a bit differently than what you would if you left the kids behind. 


Here are a few tips for those who plan to travel with children. 


Low Maintenance Gardening: Because Everyone Can Be A Gardener

There is no better feeling than sitting in your garden when the sun is out and enjoying a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade with a couple of friends before having a nice barbecue party. This is the ideal outdoor weekend during spring and summer in the UK. There’s something comforting about having a garden: This is your little piece of nature at home, a peaceful place when you can recharge your batteries when the holidays are too far away. But gardens can be a pain to maintain, especially if you work all week or have young children to take care of. Thankfully, there are a few tips to keep your low maintenance garden looking just as pristine as a small Versailles! Here’s how to make the most of your garden without wasting too much time on it.


Bidvine ~ Every Service At Your Fingertips



Ever wished you could just pick up your phone, type in your address and get a local and professional trusted service at your finger tips? We all lead such busy lives nowadays, moving house, moving cities, it all means that finding professional help for services you require either in your home, a mechanic,a mobile hairdresser the list is endless.

I know there are so many days that the washing is piling up….I could literally be drowning in it, the housework has been left by the wayside, especially if I've been working a couple of shifts together and I feel totally overwhelmed by it all. Those early days when you have a newborn and you never feel the house is clean enough, and you just don't have the energy to eat, not to mind clean. These are the days I always say "I'M GETTING A CLEANER!!!" But then, I don't know who to ask for reccomendations, I go online and there are 200's of listings and half don't answe their phones….. Wouldn't it be the dream to have an app that would let you pop in your postcode, and there is a list of the services you need, well there is one. Let me introduce you to Bidvine. A website and app that allows you to find the right services for you.


Our Favourite Pancake Recipes



Pancake Tuesday, finally the day where you can eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and not have to make excuses! Remember going into school after Pancake Tuesday and the competition as to who had eaten the most pancakes 😂. Not sure about you, but pancakes were much more simple then, and to be honest they are still my favourite ones, a bit of sugar and lemon and I'm happy! I also always remember my mum making the batter the night before, why was that?

Anyway, here are some of our favourite pancakes to make in this house, it doesn't need to be Pancake Tuesday to whip out the pan and rustle up some pancakes, we probably have them once a week, and use lots of different fillings, I always go for the sweet/fruit filling option, but you can always have a savoury pankcake too!


How We Managed The Dreaded Chicken Pox



Last week, 9 days ago exactly (to give you a timeframe to work by) Amelia was getting undressed for her bath and said "look at my spots mummy". There was maybe 3/4 little red spots on her chest and a couple more on her back. She wasn't scratching, had not been unwell in the days leading up to the spots appearing or behaving out of the norm, I'm saying this, because some kids may be unwell with cold like symptoms/fatigue/crying/loss of appetite in the days leading up to the spots appearing.


I'm writing this post as I didn't know if they were Chicken Pox or not, and spent a lot of time asking other parents how they treated their kids to ease the symptoms. I hope that this collection of advice that I took on board from parents that have been through it before will guide you in those first few days when they are unwell and itchy, how many days she symptomatic and how we treated her.



Kilkenny Picture Perfect


Kilkenny is such a beautiful city, and as a relative newbie still to this city, I'm discovering new places to visit, and more so, new places to photograph. It's a blogger thing, you see new buildings in different ways every time you walk past them. As a medieval city it has that old world charm with the most beautifully designed buildings.  Kilkenny Castle sits right in the middle of the city and is a place that I photograph more than I care to remember. Its easy to capture pretty pictures when your background looks like this. Ive been on the lookout for a new camera recently, my own DSLR is far too big and love the look of the 4K Compact System Camera Panasonic

Kilkenny is home to beautiful parks, gardens, museums and craft shops and what’s more exciting is that numerous are FREE! Plan a picnic with the kids, sip coffee while you browse through the charming arts and craft or why not take a step back in time and visit the National Art Museum.


*Sugar Free* Banana, Coconut and Oat Biscuits



Banana,Coconut and Oat Biscuits

*Sugar Free

*Dairy Free

4 minutes to prepare and cooked in the same length of time it took me to go upstairs and dress Harry.

*Raisins tend to burn if on top, so half way through cover with some tin foil to prevent burning!


No Chocolate Rice Krispie Bars



"True happiness is a cookie in each hand"


Want something to make with the kids tomorrow or over the weekend?

I stupidly told Amelia today we would make Rice Krispie cakes, to try and get her and Harry in out of the prain….I think 1.5hrs was more than enough, we had to get out in the fresh air for a while, their wet gear and wellies were my best purchase last year!

So we got home…and no chocolate! There was no way I was going out again, so put my thinking cap on! DRINKING CHOCOLATE saved the day. It was a risk that worked.A simple 55g, 55g,55g recipe and they taste delicious!



What To Do If An Adult Tooth Is Knocked Out




Would you know what to do if one of your teeth or your child's, much anticipated new "adult tooth" fell out/was knocked out? If an "adult" tooth is knocked out, don't panic, but act quickly following these simple steps and you may save a smile.

1.Find the tooth: hold the tooth by the crown (the part usually visible in the mouth) not by the root (the pointed end). Do not scrub the tooth or place it in disinfectant.


Groupon Coupons – How to Save Money Online Shopping





Are you constantly searching the internet for online coupons to help save money while shopping online?I know I do, especially when buying the kids clothes, they always seem to grow out of EVERYTHING at the same time, meaning a huge clothes haul. Or, when the very rare occasion happens that I buy myself something, I want to make sure I'm getting the item at the best price and saving myself money. The problem I find, when searching for discount/coupon codes, is that that are unsuccessful or expired?   It gets frustrating sometimes to save money.



Finally, I found a way of finding those much wanted coupons in one place, meaning less time searching online and more time shopping .Groupon Coupons has covered all the hard work for you.


Groupon Coupons is an extensive database of thousands of online retailers with coupons. The database even includes some coupons for in-store use! You can find coupons for retail, groceries, entertainment, travel and more! You can search by store name, categories or featured coupons.


You can use Groupon Coupons for so many stores, some of my favourites at the moment:

Kate Spade


Alex and Ani


All Saints

Calvin Klein



Follow Groupon on Facebook and Twitter. The next time you are doing any online shopping, use Groupon Coupons to see if any coupons can be applied to your order to save money.


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T, A & H xxxxx

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