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Pain-Killing Advice To Eliminate Those House Moving Headaches

Most people would agree that moving house with their entire family can create a lot of stress. There are just so many things to worry about that you’re sure to forget something important. Also, handling the paperwork and making sure the property purchase is legal can become complicated. Considering that, I wanted to offer some tips based on my experienced. We moved to a new property a couple of years ago, and I hated the entire process. However, I learned from my errors, and now hopefully you will too.


Impress Your Guests: Showing Visitors Around London

If you live in or near London, you're probably quite familiar with the city. Perhaps when you explore, you tend to go to a park or go shopping instead of visiting any of the tourist sites and activities. But when you have visitors from elsewhere in the UK or even outside the country, you have the chance to show them the best of your city. It's also a great opportunity for you to do the touristy things you might never have done. Having friends or family come to visit you is always fun and you want to show off the amazing things about the place you live. Next time someone comes to see you, try these things for inspiration.



Plan Your Way To A Hassle-Free Home



Running a home can be tough. When you have work, family, children, a social life, and a hobby, it can be a lot harder. A lot of the time, you have to prioritise, as not everything can come first. Depending on how busy you are, that sometimes means that your work or your family comes first, and your house can often suffer. But, it doesn’t have to be the way. Instead, you can work on creating a home that is easy to maintain. Whether you’ve just decorated your house and want it to look presentable, or you want to whip it into shape as it is now, you can keep your house in good order and running well. It just takes a little time, effort and patience in order to get it right.


52 Week Money Challenge ~ Are You In?


Last year I had seen a few posts on the '52 Week Money Challenge'. I'm not a great saver, but I'm good for throwing coins into a jar and keeping them there! So I thought this would be a great challenge and make me save without realising I was actually doing so. The point of the '52 Week Challenge' is that by the 52nd week of the year, you will have saved almost €/£1400.


When You Tire Of London, You Tire Of Life ~A Little London Trip



When You Tire Of London, You Tire Of Life ~ Samuel Johnson


New Year, New Décor: Bring The Sun Inside Your Home

Don’t let the bad weather ruin your mood in 2017: Use January to plan a fresh start and call for a renewal of interior that will revive your senses and bring the sun to life under your roof. There are a few tips this winter to make the most of the sunlight you’ve got, and these are especially important to keep your spirits high and enjoy a clear and energetic start to 2017. Sunlight and elements to remind of the sun are absolutely key to a healthy mindset during the cold months. 



Child-Friendly And Fashionable… Is It Possible?



When you become a parent, your priorities often change. Not only do you now have a little life to look after, but the things that were once a priority in your life now become meaningless. Not an awful lot more matters outside of the new little bundle that your life revolves around. So much so, that’s you’re quite happy to forget all of the things that once mattered to you, like what’s currently in fashion.



The Christmas Eve Box



For children around the world, Christmas Eve is perhaps the most exciting night of the year. They sleep with one eye open, and they wait in anticipation for Santa to arrive with his sack stuffed full of presents.


The Perfect Gift For New Parents| The Birth Poster



If you’re like me and have spent the last 10 years or so buying baby gifts, whether it's for new parents, a godchild, niece or nephew, you will know that sometimes it's incredibly difficult to find something that's completely unique. For many parents that are on #2,3 or 4 chances are they have all the newborn toys, teethers and a mountain of soft toys, as well as an abundance of clothes. I have found the perfect gift and not only a gift for others, it would make a really beautiful keepsake for yourself and your child as they get older. Unique and timeless. Let me introduce you to The Birth Poster



Christmas Gift Ideas For Little Girls & Toddler Boys



There are so many amazing gift guides out there at the minute, I love reading them on blogs, IG Stories and Snapchat. My favourite defiantly has been my friend Emma's over on IG stories…..cheers Emma, the overdraft is in full drive since watching your snaps 😂 Check her out here.

So rather than have another gift guide, I thought I'd share with you exactly what our two kids are getting from a combination of the big man in red, grandparents and family. We have tried to have been as practical as possible this year and got the kids combination gifts that they will both use and play with together and eliminate as much of the fantastic plastic that we can! There are two Frozen Microphones….because I couldn't be dealing with the arguments! 

Its a very real gift guide, and hopefully if you are still wondering what to get your little ones (because you can't find that "must have toy" they have asked for 1,000 times) or you have other smallies in your family to buy for, this will hopefully help you along the way.

For those that are new here, Amelia is 3.5 (going on 13) and my tractor obsessed little boy Harry, who is 20 months. 




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