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No Chocolate Rice Krispie Bars



"True happiness is a cookie in each hand"


Want something to make with the kids tomorrow or over the weekend?

I stupidly told Amelia today we would make Rice Krispie cakes, to try and get her and Harry in out of the prain….I think 1.5hrs was more than enough, we had to get out in the fresh air for a while, their wet gear and wellies were my best purchase last year!

So we got home…and no chocolate! There was no way I was going out again, so put my thinking cap on! DRINKING CHOCOLATE saved the day. It was a risk that worked.A simple 55g, 55g,55g recipe and they taste delicious!



What To Do If An Adult Tooth Is Knocked Out




Would you know what to do if one of your teeth or your child's, much anticipated new "adult tooth" fell out/was knocked out? If an "adult" tooth is knocked out, don't panic, but act quickly following these simple steps and you may save a smile.

1.Find the tooth: hold the tooth by the crown (the part usually visible in the mouth) not by the root (the pointed end). Do not scrub the tooth or place it in disinfectant.


Groupon Coupons – How to Save Money Online Shopping





Are you constantly searching the internet for online coupons to help save money while shopping online?I know I do, especially when buying the kids clothes, they always seem to grow out of EVERYTHING at the same time, meaning a huge clothes haul. Or, when the very rare occasion happens that I buy myself something, I want to make sure I'm getting the item at the best price and saving myself money. The problem I find, when searching for discount/coupon codes, is that that are unsuccessful or expired?   It gets frustrating sometimes to save money.



Finally, I found a way of finding those much wanted coupons in one place, meaning less time searching online and more time shopping .Groupon Coupons has covered all the hard work for you.


Groupon Coupons is an extensive database of thousands of online retailers with coupons. The database even includes some coupons for in-store use! You can find coupons for retail, groceries, entertainment, travel and more! You can search by store name, categories or featured coupons.


You can use Groupon Coupons for so many stores, some of my favourites at the moment:

Kate Spade


Alex and Ani


All Saints

Calvin Klein



Follow Groupon on Facebook and Twitter. The next time you are doing any online shopping, use Groupon Coupons to see if any coupons can be applied to your order to save money.


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T, A & H xxxxx

Creating a Stress-Proof Home

Stress seems to be affecting our lives more than ever before. Work pressure and family commitments can lead to many of us feeling over-stretched. Most of the time we need to just takue some time for ourselves to relax and unwind. However, there are some more serious consequences of stress. Combat stress at home by implementing some small changes that could make a big difference. 



5 Tips to Help Your Home Embrace Nature

Everyone loves the outdoors. Whether we’re talking a relaxing walk after dinner, playing with our pets and children in the park or taking a bike ride across the country, the outdoors are refreshing, beautiful, and full of natural wonders. Since the outdoors are so comforting and uplifting, why not embrace nature and bring it indoors with you? Here are five interior design tips that will help bring the outdoors in.





First Aid For Children & Infants


Nobody wants to think about their baby or a child they care for becoming unwell. Of course if in any doubt always bring your child to the GP or nearest Emergency Department. Unfortunately sometimes, you may have to perform first aid at home. I would highly recommend all parents do a first aid course, if anything it gives piece of mind. (more…)

Are You Overspending In These Common Areas?

If you think you’re the only one who spends way too much on typical expenses, i’ve got news for you, you’re not. There are plenty of people who do it and it’s not usually because they like wasting money. It’s because they don’t know any better. They don’t understand how their next door neighbour manages to go on a luxury holiday with her kids every year. They certainly don’t understand how they manage to afford to upgrade their car annually. It’s all about saving in areas where there’s no need to drain your bank account. On this post, we’re going to look at some of the most common overspends and how to avoid them completely. 



Things To Do This Half Term ~ RAF Museum

If you’re stuck for ideas to keep the children busy this half term, why not take them to the RAF Museum? With actives from the very young to the older child the RAF Museum is the perfect place to take them for a day out.


There are exhibitions on that take the children through the ages of airplane history, story telling sessions and cafes for when they need a break.

In the museum you can –

· Be amazed by stunning exhibition, First World War in the Air.

· Marvel at the life-sized model of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet – the only place in the world where it is on display.

Come for a flying visit and stay the day. Why not fuel your imagination and get the entire family working together exploring the Royal Air Force Museum and the fun side of flight?



Valentines Day, Do You Stay In Or Go Out?



Valentines Day. Something that I never really paid much atttention to. Yes I love to be romanced, wined and dined, but I felt it was there in the same league as The Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny at times.

All that changed 6 years ago, on a pretty typical cold and foggy Sunday, in February, the 14th to be exact in Edinburgh, I somehow managed to drag my hungover body out of bed and walk to Edinburgh Castle with my then boyfriend. Wasn't I glad I did! Right at the spot where we shared our first kiss 5 years previously, he half got down on bended knee and asked me to be his wife (I should have have done a runner then…..ha joking!)


Having Kids Changes Priorities, Especially At Home

Becoming a parent instantly changes your outlook on the world. Suddenly, you’re no longer the most important person in your life, and everything you ever do is geared towards your new son or daughter. Those alterations won’t only impact the big picture, though. And there’s no better place to learn that than in the comfort of your home.


Once you’ve had a child you soon appreciate that the home needs adaptation. Suddenly, your home life will be hit by a whole list of new priorities. Here’s what you can do to satisfy those changing needs.



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