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How We Finally Said Goodbye To 5am Wake Up Calls


What Amelia is great at, is eating, when it comes to sleep, it’s always been a battle. We get months of her being a great sleeper and then she starts sliding down the slippery slope, taking us all with her and the early morning wakenings get early and early. Now firstly, I have to add, we have never had a problem with Amelia going to sleep. We have a set routine of bath (every other night), teeth brushed, into her pj’s, story and asleep by 7pm. She is always happy to go to bed,and never comes back downstairs. Her problem is that she is ready to take on the world before the birds have even woken, meaning the whole house is awake, and many times Mummy and daddy loosing their shit in the hallway with her at 5am…..trying to whisper in order not to wake Harry, while her “No,no, no’s” get louder and louder as we take her back to her room. If Amelia was to come into our bed and ACTUALLY go back to sleep, I’d quite happily welcome her in for a cuddle, but she was looking for an apple and a movie every morning! (more…)

Annabel Karmel Feeding Our Kids For 25 Years


From the very first day of Weaning Amelia I have been using Annabel Karmel cookbooks, I reckon I have about 10 in my collection at this stage. Her books were recommended by friends and I have continued to use the recipes past the Weaning stages and adapt for our our family. (more…)

Top 10 Christmas Dresses For Toddler Girls


Have you started your shopping yet? Are the Santa presents hiding in the attic, boot of the car or Granny's house (that's where ours are hiding safely, safe out of the reach of little hands.

Dressing the kids for the festive holidays is next on the list, once Santa has been covered. I've put together a list of my top 10 favourite dresses for Toddler Girls for this Christmas. Velvet is as popular with kids clothing as adults and many of the dresses I've picked are beautiful soft velvet.Happy Shopping!


Mothers Magic: Wicked Suggestions to Ease the Burden of Parenthood

Being a parent is no easy task, believe me I know. No matter how much we love our kids, it doesn't change the fact that parenting is draining on all of us. That's why it’s important to do what you can to ease the burden once in a while. There are a lot of techniques that people have tried over the years. Consider what you can do to make the parenting process a little bit less stressful and arduous.




Tips For Creating Engaging Videos For Your Blog

Have you considered video blogging?

It's something I think I'd love to do, but have never had the courage to do it. I know that some of my favourite bloggers also have YouTube channels or post videos on their blogs. I asked some of my favourite bloggers what their top tips were for creating good/engaging videos that work for their Blogs.

In the age where online reality is replacing actual reality in every facet of our lives, having YOUR face behind YOUR virtual real estate is paramount for people to feel close(er) to you.


Winter Clothing Wish List ~ Mama and Kids



Now that winter is most definitely here, well in Ireland it is, I've spent the dark nights thrawling through the shops online (it's the only way to shop with two smallies), and filling up my virtual baskets with everything I can't afford, something we all do right? I've bought a few bits from the list below….and the rest, well sure I can dream….champagne lifestyle with lemonade money and all that! 

To be fair, I think the most expensive thing in my basket is €79, but it all adds up. I'm loving greys, blacks and dusky punks this season.  I've picked out my favourite bits, and while I love these colours on the kids, I still do veer to the brighter colours as well, Mothercare and M&S have some gorgeous bits. You can see a recent post here on my picks from M&S for the kids. I love COS for simple colours, the Little bird range from Mothercare for Amelia, and H&M for boys clothes. I don't find the quality of the girls clothes in H&M any different from Primark/Penneys and its more expensive.


Be Safe and Winter Ready



Severe weather challenges all of us. Activities that we take for granted can become difficult or even hazardous when severe weather occurs. However, by taking some simple steps you can reduce the impact of such events. 



Worried About Money? Here’s How To Make The Festive Season That Little Bit More Affordable!

It might not be December just yet, but that doesn’t mean that a lot of us parents aren’t already stressing about Christmas. For children, the festive season is a magical time and the most exciting part of the year. There are lots of Christmas events to look forward to, yummy food, and, of course, all those presents to open on Christmas morning. However, for us parents, Christmas can sadly be a highly stressful time, because the festive season can get so expensive.



Feeling The Winter Blues? Improve Your Lifestyle In Time For New Year

There is no doubt about it that the winter is well and truly here. Frost is out in full force in our gardens and lawns, and the wooly jumpers and boots are making an appearance. Of course, there is many exciting times and festivities to come. With Christmas and New year well on it’s way.


But for some of us we can feel a real sense of winter blues. It seems to be the time of years where we want to hibernate indoors, hide under the blankets and gorge on comfort food. It all sounds rather appealing, but is it really the lifestyle we all want? New years eve tends to be the time where people kick off a lifestyle change. They strive to make those resolutions that might seem them lose a dress size or improve their health in some way. But why do we need to wait for new year for that? Why don’t we take some action now. This is why I thought it would be a great time to explore some of the ways you can kick start your new lifestyle right now, in time for new year. Letting you enjoy January being in the full swing of things.


Child Not Wearing Helmet V’s Acquired Brain Injury



The family that cycle together stay together….or it goes something like that!

You may have noticed over the last few months, especially over the summer we have been out on our bikes A LOT. My husband and I took advantage of the Cycle To Work Scheme and invested in two bikes, a bike trailer for the kids that comes with a rain and bug shield and helmets for us all, which we purchased through Halfords. It's been a free form of entertainment and we have had lovely days out on various bike trails, taking a picnic with us. I'm a huge advocate for Road and bike safety, and I'll not lie, when I see kids on scooters and bikes without their helmets (and adults)….I want to go over and tell them or more importantly their parents, to "put that helmet on, protect your little brain and don't be be another statistic of having an Acquired Brain Injury".


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