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Nodding Off And Why Sleep Is Critical To Your Family


Health is a huge part of family life. Can we truly say we are caring for our family if we are lavishing them in unhealthiness? It's a good question.


One huge part of health is sleep. If you as a parent, or your child isn't getting enough sleep – it could be worse than some of the unhealthiest habits on the planet.



Have You Vaccinated Your Children Against Meningitis B?



MenB (meningococcal B) vaccine


  • In the UK from September 2015 babies born on or after 1 July 2015 are being offered the MenB (meningococcal group B) vaccine as part of the routine immunisation schedule and babies born on or after 1 May are being offered the vaccine as part of a one off catch-up campaign. 
  • In Ireland, from December 2016 babies will be offered the MenB vaccine as part of the Primary Childhood Immunisation Schedule.
  • The vaccine is available free of charge to people in the UK and Ireland with medical conditions that increase their risk of the disease. 
  • The vaccine can be purchased privately in the UK and Ireland, so people who are not currently eligible for the vaccine on the HSE or  NHS can get it if they pay for it.

What Is Meningitis B?

Meningitis is an infection of the meninges, the lining around the brain and spinal cord. It can be caused by different bacteria and viruses, although bacterial infections are usually more serious.

One of the bacteria which causes meningitis is called Neisseria meningitidis, also known as the meningococcus.

How do people get meningococcal disease?

Meningococcal bacteria can live at the back of the throat or in the nose.  Most people, who carry these bacteria (carriers), remain well but they can spread the bacteria to others through coughing, sneezing, or kissing.  Close personal contact with a carrier sometimes leads to infection.  You need many hours of close personal contact to become infected as the bacteria do not survive long outside the body.

 The disease is devastating if it gets into the blood or spinal fluid. There are different types of this bacteria and the most common is known as type B – what is often referred to as “meningitis B”, or MenB.

MenB most commonly affects children under the age of one, causing symptoms including fever, poor feeding, vomiting and lethargy. It can also cause septicaemia (blood poisoning), which can lead to the telltale purple rash.

In children over the age of four the disease is rare, but there’s a second peak of the disease in adolescents(although it is not as common then as it is in infants). Babies are at high risk because they do not have immune protection from antibodies – these are passed from mothers to babies which protect them for the first few months of life, but after that they are susceptible. They gradually build up immunity as they are exposed to similar bacteria in the environment. Teenagers are more likely to carry the bacteria in their throats than other age groups, which is why there is this second, smaller, peak of disease in that age group.

With early diagnosis and antibiotics, most people will make a full recovery.  

Meningococcal disease is a very serious life threatening illness.

Of the people who get meningococcal disease:

  • 1 in 20 will die
  • 1 in 10 people who recover will have a major disability such as deafness, brain damage, learning disabilities, epilepsy or loss of fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms or legs.


The Law Of Land! Cost And Legal Considerations To Make When Dealing With Property




Buying or selling a house is an exciting time. But, it’s also one that costs a lot of money. And, people don’t often consider all of the payments that they’ll need to make. This can lead to people running out of money before they get anywhere. So, you need to consider all of the payments you need to make before you go any further. This will help you to avoid trouble in the future when it comes to paying for everything. To help you out, this post will go through some of the costs too few consider before taking the plunge.



Outdoor Living: It’s As Easy As Build, Buy & Enjoy



As a parent, you can often find it hard to stay on top of the jobs you have to do inside the home, let alone outside. But, as the months start to pass and the weather warms up, you’ll want to start getting out more. When your garden has been neglected and is a little worse for wear, you can often feel disappointed and like you’ve got a lot of work to do. So, although it may not seem like it now, it’s best to get started on your outside space as soon as you can. Then, the entire family can enjoy it as soon as the weather warms up. And, you can even do it on a budget!


When Rain Is A Pain: Protecting Your Home In A Flood

Living in the UK, it's safe to say we are exposed to our fair amount of rain. On average, the country is subjected to around 156.2 days of rainfall every year. Okay, so that's not much compared to some other countries, especially the ones that have a monsoon season. But here in the UK it can sometimes seem like we are never that prepared for heavy rain, even though statistically we should be by now! Roads close, rivers burst their banks and in some cases families can even lose their homes. It all sounds pretty devastating, and some people may wonder whether we spend our whole lives living in fear of a drop of rain falling from the sky! But there are certain tricks that have been learned over time in order to help protect our families and our homes from the potentially damaging effects of major rainfall. So you are prepared for the next time the heavens open, here are some of those top tips.


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Suggestions For Successful School Trip Locations

School trips are amazing, aren't they? They are such a wonderful thing to get your kids enthusiastic about going to school. This is because they get to go out and experience some of the World, see new things, and spend some quality time with their mates.


But they can be a bit of a nightmare to organise and run. Which you might already know if you have been roped into helping on one. It's funny, though, because a lot of this hassle can be avoided though by picking a location that will engage the children’s interest in the first place.  


Living It Large: How To Deal With Life In A Big City

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As we all know, living in a big city is different from any other sort of living experience. It has its good points and bad points: on one hand there’s so much to do, so much diversity and such a range of incredible cultural experiences. But on the other hand, the frantic pace of life doesn’t suit everyone, and of course cities can be horrendously overpriced. Still, if you aren’t a big city fan but you have to stay there for family or work reasons, there are things you can do to help yourself be happy.


Ensure Your Child Stays Away From Bugs During The Cold By Making These Home Changes

One of the top things we hate about the cold weather is the bugs it brings. In fact, it’s hard to get through winter without one of the kids getting a cold. And while we can’t control the weather, we can change what it’s like inside the home. Therefore, here are some changes to the home you should make to ensure your child stays away from bugs during the cold.


Switch to a higher tog duvet


It’s often down to the bedding when kids get bugs in winter. After all, if they are cold in the night, they might end up shivering. And this can lower your child’s immune system, causing them to be more at risk of bugs. Therefore, to ensure this doesn’t occur, you need to make sure they have good bedding which will ensure they stay the right temperature. One thing you should do is replace the duvet during the cold months. You should opt for a higher tog such as a 13.5 which will ensure your little one stays nice and toasty during the cold weather. And you can always put this away when the weather gets nicer and replace it with a lower tog. But a good duvet will ensure your child stays warm and away from bugs while it’s so cold!


Wet Rooms The Answer To Keeping A House Clean




When it comes to bathrooms, you may have heard the term "wet room" used many times, but do you know exactly what a wet room is? What are wet room costs

It's a style of bathroom that has increased in popularity in recent times. A wet room is effectively a sealed bathroom – walls and floors are "tanked" (sealed with waterproof boarding or layers of matting) which stops water from seeping out. Normally the bathroom designer will also install a sloping floor leading down to a drain, so that excess water flows away.


Is Your Bathroom Child Friendly?


When you first had children, you probably went around your home making it as child-safe as possible. That means child locks on the cabinet doors, plug covers in the plug sockets. As well as a stairgate at the top and bottom of the stairs, and goodness knows what else.



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