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Stop The Worry: Having A Calm Pregnancy With Your First Baby

Having your first baby, or adding to your existing brood is a major decision for anybody; you’ll already be aware that your life will change in an instant, and you can forget about lie-ins and potential hangovers for quite some time. However, the rewards are even greater, and a new family member will always bring happiness and positivity to what you already have, no matter how tired you might be during that first year. Although nobody can fully prepare you for what’s ahead, there are plenty of things you can do before you welcome a bundle of joy to put your mind at ease and feel confident about the newbie in your home. There is a lot of fear-mongering in the media surrounding pregnancy, and although you'll need to be mindful and vigilant of your body, and any changes; it’s worth speaking to the right people for help and guidance. Therefore, papers and gossip columns should be off-limits for the next 9 months or so, and careful planning and research should lie ahead instead. The more relaxed, prepared, and calm you are throughout your pregnancy, the less risk you have of putting stress on your body and sending it through to your baby. So, have some fun with it; it’s an exciting time for all involved, and you’ll want to make some great happy memories along the way. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and things to consider for those who are expecting their first baby, to help you prepare as much as possible for the big event.



Outdoor Overhaul – With Wayfair




Hello! It’s been a while since I have been on here…..we have been very busy building our dream home that we moved into last week, Cherington House, named after the street we lived on in London.

The house is almost finished, we moved in with it still needing finishing, but needs must! 

While inside isnt quite completed, we have made a quick start on sorting our outdoor space, so the kids have somewhere safe to play, and we can relax and entertain over the summer months. 


Our sunken patio and raised garden Work has started, with the boundary wall completed…next to go down is our beautiful Limestone slabs for the patio flooring. 


I’ve now


Bathroom Design

Bathroom design blog


Redecorating the bathroom is a task that I have been putting off for years. This is because of how much stress is involved in finding which pipes fit with what and how expensive a tiny error with measurements can be. For that reason, with the new house being built I wanted to opt for a traditionally designedbathroom, made up with high quality branded bathroom products. This is so I will not have to redecorate or replace anything again anytime soon. This blog post is going to focus on how I plan to decorate the three main bathrooms in my new house; En-suite, family and the smaller downstairs bathroom.



Home Made Lemon Jelly For Kids

lemon jelly



Hello! It has been a while since I popped a food post up here but I thought I'd add a couple of recipes we made over the weekend – homemade jelly and ice cream. We used lemon Juice for ours, but you can use any juice you like.   

Homemade jelly


• 2 tbsp caster sugar

• 600ml fruit juice

• Some fruit pieces (you can add any fruit you like)

• 4 gelatine leaves


• Soak the leaves in a few tablespoons of juice

• Heat the remaining juice in a pot until hot, do not let it boil

• Stir in the sugar until dissolved

• Add the gelatine leaves once they have softened and stir until dissolved. Stir in the dissolving juice too.

• Leave to cool then pour into individual bowls.

• Add fruit if required and chill in the fridge to set   

We found some great deals on commercial fridges for sale. When we were buying our white goods for the new house. The battle of American fridge vs. Integrated hidden away fridge went on for a while….but the one who cooks and cleans won that battle! Hello integrated Fridge!We went with a Twin Fridge Freeze hidden neatly behind our wooden kitchen frame. Three deep vegetable drawers….. any other mums out there agree: you just can never have too much storage space, fridge included. I keep all my jars of sauces and jams in the fridge, we like things old in our house, so having ample amount of space in the fridge is a huge winner for us and really a necessity for any family who likes to eat fresh. 

When initially choosing a fridge the style of fridge will most likely be the first thing anyone will look at. Here are some questions to ask yourself as well as some things to consider…

1. Will it be an American fridge, a French door twin style fridge freezer or integrated?

2. Do you want an ice-maker and water dispenser?

3. Amount of usable space within the fridge 

4. Ample amount of drawers for drinks, meat and vegetables.  It is so important to shop around for a fridge. Check out comparison sites for different brands, read reviews from real people and make an informed choice before handing over your hard earned cash. 

Homemade “ice cream”

To accompany the homemade jelly, why not try some homemade “ice cream”? It lasts for 6 months and is perfect for soothing painful teething gums. There is no added sugar, but it is sweet and the perfect treat for all of the family. I made strawberry “ice cream" below. We make this all the time, peaches and strawberry is the favourite combo in this house or even better mixed. 


•2 x 50g pots of strawberry fromage frais

•50g mascarpone cheese

•50g strawberries 

•1 drop of vanilla essence  


•Mix the yogurt & cheese together, put in a dish (suitable for the freezer) and freeze for 2 hours 

•Purée the strawberries and vanilla essence – mix together with the frozen yoghurt. 

•I placed my frozen yoghurt into small snack pots and then popped them into the freezer, perfect for an after lunch treat.   

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380862D9-4336-48ED-B0E7-58F60A8902F6 The weather is getting chilly, the days are getting darker, and there is a definite sense of festivity in the air.  Whether you want to admit it or not – Christmas is well and truly on the way, and we're pretty excited, although I’m ticking off that Santa list, I’m very much a “no tree or decorations until December 8th”.

This year we are taking our annual Christmas trip to London, to see a special Santa Claus, catch up with our friends and this year we are adding in a trip to the Aquarium as an extra. Learning from past experience, there is only so long the kids will tolerate wandering around in the cold, so it’s an indoors activity and catch up with friends at the Aquarium. We have also booked the Santa Experience at CastleComer Discovery Park in Kilkenny. . It’s a place we visit all the time and their Santa experience is magical! Book for late evening to get the best experience.

Recently the lovely people over at JoJo Maman Bebe asked if I would like to pick some outfits for the kids from their Christmas Collection. They are always the most reliable for gorgeous Christmas dresses and festive jumpers and quality is always at the forefront of their clothing. Interestingly when I was writing this post I wanted to look into the history of JOJO MAMAN BEBE and it makes an interesting read here,originally a mail order catelogue for maternity and kids wear, they now have over 70 stores in the UK alone.

For us, and most families I’m sure, a special part of the festive season is the gorgeous new outfits and pyjamas – any excuse to be honest! 



Stress Less When It Comes To Your Garden

Do you ever look out into your garden and think, ‘Arrrrghh, what a mess!’? Well we all do at some point. Gardening can be such a long and draining task that it can sometimes be put to the side, to the point where it can sometimes be out of control. If always think of gardening as a chore, you’ll most likely always end up with a garden like this. If you’re a beginner gardener, it can seem even more of a challenge. But if you just relax into the swing of things, gardening is actually really fun and enjoyable. This article is going to explore a few ways of stressing less in terms of gardening, and learning to enjoy the peacefulness of it all.




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What To Do In London Around The Year

London is a globally significant city, a centre of commerce, culture, and science. As you would expect of any city with such a high status, London offers a wide range of things to see and do throughout the year.


It doesn’t matter when you visit London, there will always be something to see and do, both on your own and with a group of family and friends.  This London by seasons guide is my top picks for activities to do in London whether it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter! 


Body Changes After Baby

There are a lot of things you give up when you become a mother. Freedom, spontaneity, sleep and drinking are just a few of the casualties. These are the sacrifices that mothers bond over at mothers’ groups; exchanging childbirth war stories and early mothering woes.

Once you’re initiated into motherhood, it’s perfectly acceptable to complain about the accompanying losses and life changes. But few openly discuss the changes that have occurred to them physically. You hear that “your body is never the same after childbirth” but you have no idea how much. Some bits get crinklier, some parts get more elastic and some parts take on a new form altogether but it’s best not to look “down there” unless you have to.

I accepted that my body would change with motherhood. There are some subtle changes and some not so subtle changes. A line here, a stretch mark there and a crinkly pouch are all “souvenirs” of my pregnancy. But perhaps the most upsetting physical change has been the noticeable loss of my breasts. And I am not talking reduction or sagginess; I am talking about a disappearance! Admittedly they were not voluptuous to begin with; they were petite in keeping with the rest of my body. But they were ample – a B+ or sometimes a C.



BOO!!! Halloween Ready…With *Primark




What is Halloween without dressing up, and without that perfect costume? Every year there is a mad scramble for finding something they like, and then add in decorations and making the whole celebration fun without being too scary for the small ones! 

The season of spook is almost upon us, and if you're planning on dressing up your little one for Halloween, then you've come to the right place.

IMG_6993 IMG_6996 IMG_7001


Upcycling Tin Cans For Kids

Upcycling is free. Upcycling is versatile. Upcycling can be done with things you have on hand. Tin can crafts and activities are a great way to upcycle!

Tin cans, tin packaging … I have a lot on hand, at all times!

Tin Can Crafts – you know, your bake bean  cans or your tuna fish cans? Quite sturdy and strong… with tricky tin can properties – how do you best apply paint? How do you get holes into them? Can you avoid the sharp tin can edges? Well, as in the past, we have created a little video discussing some of these properties and looking at a great set of tin can upcycling ideas. And then, to make it even better, I have scoured the web for more great tin can craft ideas – I have to say, there were more out there than I expected! So, I do hope you ENJOY.





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