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The Three Most Luxurious Places To Live In London

With palaces, prestigious museums, Michelin starred restaurants and some of the most exclusive bars and members clubs; London is one of the world’s busiest and most impressive capitals. But where would you locate yourself if you wanted to enjoy the best London has to offer? This post takes a little look at the incredibly desirable areas of London where the streets may not quite be paved with gold but you’re likely to need a substantial amount of bullion in the bank in order to buy a property.


The Power Of Frozen……. Iceland Food Challenge

When I was recently contacted by Iceland the frozen supermarket chain, asking if I would be interested in collaborating with them for their campaign #thepoweroffrozen, I was unsure, actually I was very unsure. My memories of Iceland, was being a student nurse in Edinburgh and having the chain of supermarkets directly across the street from my flat. It was cheap, frozen food. Not somewhere I have thought about shopping in since my student days, but when I read about the campaign, I thought why not. I love to cook, I love a challenge and we all know that food retains all/most of its nutrients when frozen from fresh.

Iceland are committed to telling its customers about the #PowerofFrozen – challenging preconceptions and educating around the true value of frozen. Whilst most people already associate frozen foods with cost savings and convenience, many still expect to compromise on flavour or on health benefits. The truth is that the modern freezing methods lock in the natural flavours in foods and retain the nutritional health benefits. In 2015 Iceland built the www.poweroffrozen.co.uk website to help explain the benefits of frozen foods. They also created a PowerofFrozen cookbook with the food blogger Holly Bell which included 45 easy recipes celebrating 45 years of Iceland with all profits from the sale going to the Children’s’ Food Trust.


Essential Car Seat Fitting Checks

Even if you buy the safest possible child car seat for your little one, if it's not fitted correctly, it won't offer the best protection for your child in a crash. Common fitting problems with baby and child car seats include:  twisted seatbelts, loose harnesses, not all Isofix points being connected,seatbelts sitting incorrectly on your child.   

10 quick child car seat fitting checks

1. Is the seatbelt or harness secure and untwisted? If your child car seat is secured with a seatbelt, this must be tight so the seat doesn't move. To test this, try pushing down on the seat where your baby's head would be if the seat is rearward facing, and pulling on the harness if it's forward facing – you shouldn't be able to move the seat. The seatbelt mustn't be twisted anywhere around the seat.

2. If the seat is rearward facing, is the handlebar in the correct position as shown in the instructions? For some rearward-facing child car seats, the handlebar may need to be in a certain position, usually upright or fully back, as it can offer added 360-degree protection if your vehicle turns over in a crash. Look at your child car seat's instruction manual to find out where yours should be.

3. Is the child car seat sitting squarely on the seat of the car and is the headrest in the correct position, as shown in the instructions? The majority of the base of the child car seat should be flat on the seat, sitting squarely and evenly. It shouldn't be riding up, which can sometimes happen if the seatbelt is too short. For most child car seats the headrest should be removed so it doesn't touch the seat at all. However, some child car seats need the headrest to be attached – check the instructions to find out what is needed for your specific seat.


4. Is the seatbelt following the correct red or blue route guides? Not having the seatbelt securely fitted into the blue or red route guides will weaken the seat's protection. Check it’s right – red guides for forward-facing seats, blue guides for rearward-facing seats.

5. Is the metal end of the seatbelt in the right place? The metal end of the seatbelt (the bit that goes into the buckle) must not be bending around the child car seat in order to fix it into the buckle. This could cause it to fail in a crash. Only the seatbelt should be in contact with the frame of the child car seat. In the picture above you can see the metal end of the seatbelt is starting to bend slightly round the child car seat.  You don't tend to experience this issue with newer cars, as the buckle is recessed into the adults seats so the metal end of the seatbelt doesn't come into contact with the child car seat at all.  

6. For Isofix seats, do the visual indicators show it is fitted correctly? Visual indicators should show you that the seat is correctly clipped into the car – for example, sections may turn from red to green. Check the instructions to see what this should look like for your seat.

9. For younger children, are the shoulder pads level with your child’s shoulders, and is the harness not too tight or loose? The shoulder pads of the harness should be as level with your child's shoulders as possible – if they're in a rearward-facing child car seat, the shoulder pads shouldn't be dropping down no more than an inch, and if a forward-facing seat, raising no more than an inch. The harness shouldn't be too tight or loose – make sure you can get two fingers between the child’s collar bone and the harness and that there is no slackness.

10. For older children, is the seatbelt across their shoulder and hips? If you have an older child strapped into a car seat with the seatbelt, this should sit on their shoulder. It shouldn't cut into their neck or sit lower down on their arm. The lap part of the seatbelt should sit across their hips, not their tummy.

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*Review* Stokke Tripp Trapp Pale Pink



When STOKKE got in touch a few months ago, to review their new addition to the TRIPP TRAPP family – Pale Pink, I  jumped at the chance. I have always loved the TRIPP TRAPPS, and having already used the Storm Grey Tripp Trapp with Amelia, I knew we would love this too. I decided Harry could have Amelia's grey one and Amelia could use the new pink chair as her "big girl seat" at the kitchen table. While Amelia still remains a great eater, since moving her out of her high hair to give it to Harry, it has been a struggle to get her to sit down quietly at meal times. Having a new chair that let's her sit comfortably at the table has been a godsend. Our kitchen chairs are very low, and I know she was uncomfortable sitting with her legs tucked underneath her at mealtimes.

We were sent the highchair along with the harness, gliders, and cushion set and I initially used my old Baby set on the Storm Grey Chair for Harry (you can read about that here). The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair is still one of the most stylish highchairs on the market, with a great lifespan taking your child supposedly from baby up to teenage, but it comes with a hefty price tag.The Tripp Trapp was brought to market in 1972, making it the oldest highchair still in production today. It comes in a range of different colours ranging from natural wood to bright green, with the Pale Pink and Wheat Yellow being the latest addition to their ever growing range. Price range starts around €180/£150. image


Making Any House A Home

Making Any House A Home…..we should be experts at it at this stage.We are now in our third home as a married couple, it's also Amelia's third home and Harry's first, and there is another move yet to come! 

Regardless of whether we own or rent a property, I always want to ensure its decorated to my own taste, regardless of what is in the property already. When this comes to rented properties, it isn't as easy, as you sometimes are working with someone else's tastes, you can't drill a hole where you want to or paint the walls (unless of course you get permission!). 


Kids Storage Solutions

Whether you are lucky enough or not to have a playroom that you close the door and turn a blind eye to the mountain of toys that accumalate when you have kids, you still need some sort of storage to keep everything tidy. 

We don't have a playroom in our current home, so I'm forever trying to find ways of storing the mountain of toys, art and craft bits, books, dolls and the dreaded lego. I've put together a list of the things we use to keep our house looking some bit tidy. The kids toys are spread out across the house between their bedrooms and an area I've created in the dining room. It's not ideal,but by using the right storage it can look somewhat part of your home, without looking too much like the local creche.

I love wooden storage cubes, wicker baskets and storage buckets. Below is a few of my favourites.


Our Weaning Journey – Week 16



Good morning and welcome back to our weekly weaning series. Sorry we didn't have anything up last week, it was one of those weeks that I didn't really make anything new and was using up what was in the freezer! I find now I'm repeating a lot of the recipes I've previously made and leaving them a lot more lumpier, to get Harry moving his jaw and practising his chew, even though he only has three teeth!

This week I have a lovely soup, fish dish and some homemade breadsticks that lasted less than an hour in our house…..need to make them again!


Harry At 11 Months ~ Monthly Update



I think it's fair to say, every parent is in disbelief as their child's 1st birthday approaches. However, when it's your second child, that first year really does go by quicker than you'd ever imagine. Dividing yourself between two kids, means things happen without you seeing the lead up! A new tooth just appears, they crawl, stand, chat, without any encouragement, they just do it! I sometimes think they really do develop quicker – probably to be able to stand up to that older sister or brother. Harry can move like lightening speed on all fours, a skill he has quickly perfected in order to get away from Amelia.


This month we finally got a full week of sleeping through the night, I've changed around his feeding routine a bit, more on that below. We have a 3rd tooth, finally. I left him for 3 nights alone with daddy (and everyone was still alive when I got back), he is cruising around the furniture and walking using his push a long Walker. I found out he can climb the stairs!!Lesson learned, the stairgate is now always shut, otherwise he will make a beeline for it – what is it with the stairs, they all love climbing them! He is starting to be a bit strange around people he desnt know and he has started to cry when I leave him! It must be a leap phase with attachment issues.


Six Clever Ways to Give Your Garden An Instant Makeover


If your garden is looking like it could do with a little TLC, then now is the time to do it. Spring has finally sprung, and it’s a sign that new life is on its way. Soon it will be summer! If your outside areas are looking a little run down, then follow these handy hacks to get it looking glorious again! After all, who doesn't want their garden to be their own little outdoor sanctuary!

 1.Edging can be a real pain. Want them to stay neat, forever? Then invest in some instant edging that will tidy up any untrimmed bits in a flash. It’ll keep unruly plants and shrubs in their place. Another benefit is that you won’t have to worry about soil or compost creeping onto your beautifully manicured lawn. This cobble effect edging from Coopers of Stortford will help smarten your edges in no time!

2. If your garden furniture is looking past its best, then don’t despair. You can bring them back to their former glory, and it doesn’t take long at all! Your wooden table and chairs just need some TLC. Get any dirt or flaky paint off with a stiff bristle brush. Prepare for painting by giving them a quick rub with some medium grade sandpaper. A couple of coats of suitable paint or wood stain will have them looking awesome again!



3. If you’re potty about pots, but they lack some lustre, why not paint them? You can add a splash of colour before the flowers open up by choosing bright tones to liven up your outdoor areas. Unleash your creative side and get artsy with your planters. Think stripes, spots, or even try stencils to make sure your planters pop with colour. This budget pack will breathe new life into old ceramics!


4. If you’ve got some broken pots that are no longer usable, set them i a border and plant with succulents to give yourself an instant rockery. Adding texture and height will improve the landscaping of your garden. It’s incredible how a few little touches can make it look so professional. Try experimenting with different arrangements and see what you like best. After all, it is your garden!

5. Make sure your patios are clean and free from weeds. You can wash them down with a power washer. You may be surprised to find that ordinary household bleach is great for removing stubborn stains, but do be careful. Do it when there are no kids or pets around, and make sure you rinse thoroughly. Keep the water away from the gas, and other plants too!


6. Liven up your walls and fences by adding a pop of color. Set up some trellises so you can grow up the way. Sweet peas and nasturtiums grow quickly, and will brighten up your garden no end. If you don’t want to introduce new beds, train the trellis plants up from big pots. That way, you don't have to worry about digging them over every year!

8 Ways to Improve Your Home

Everybody needs to do a few home improvements from time to time. There are many different things you can do, depending on the look you want, your family, how you live, etc. This guide will give you some great ideas to think about! Enjoy…


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