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Anyone with young children knows how important their security blanket is – whether it really is a little blanket, a muslin cloth or a teddy.

And that’s because, according to new research, a child’s transitional object, as the researchers call it, is a precious second only to Mum and sometimes more than Mum.

These objects have magical powers. They ease away any kind of stress. They inspire confidence and security in all situations.


Cord Blood Banking – How It Saves Lives

IMG_4464 Cord blood banking is standard practice in many countries but in Ireland it’s still relatively unheard of. Its not something I have ever disclosed before, not even go my friends, but we donated Amelia's cord blood after she was born. I first heard of it when I was pregnant with Amelia in London, and saw posters on the walls of my ante-natal clinic. After some enquiries and serious chats at home we made the decision to donate. If it helped someone else, then it was better off in a lab being harvest, rather than being put in a bin and incinerated. The irony of me donating Amelia's cord blood, is that I then post delivery also needed some help, in the form of 4 units of Red Blood Cells, something someone else had kindly donated and given up a an hour of their day in order to save someone else's life.


Umbilical cord blood can save lives.


So, what is cord blood banking? The term ‘cord-blood’ is used to describe blood that is drawn from the umbilical cord and the placenta after a baby is born. Up until recently this afterbirth was discarded as medical waste. Cord blood contains stem cells which may be frozen for later use in medical therapies such as stem cell transplantation or regenerative medicine.



The Parent’s Guide To Taking In A Lodger – Tips & Tricks All Families Should Read

Lots of people are struggling financially at the moment. There are thousands of families out there that only just manage to pay their mortgages at the end of every month. So, it’s sensible for people in that position to find a solution as soon as possible. Many homeowners in the UK and US now decide to rent a room in their houses to a lodger. That is an excellent move because it means someone on low income gets a roof over their heads without breaking the bank. It also means the owners get to raise some side capital to assist with their bill payments. The tips and tricks below should help readers to get it right. 




Present lodgers with a list of rules


The biggest complaint people make about taking boarders into their homes is that they don’t follow the rules. To avoid any arguments or bad atmospheres, just make a list before offering the person room at the property. Ensure both parties understand that breaking those rules will lead to the individual having to leave. There’s no need to become a mini dictator or anything like that. Just explain how often the tenant is expected to tidy their rooms and let them know the arrangements for meals, etc. Also, some people might have to:


  • Apply for permission from their local authority
  • Purchase a specialist insurance policy
  • Register as self-employed to declare the income



Smart Move: Choosing The Best Place For Your Kids

Moving home with a family can be a very difficult job. A lot of parents don’t know what to look for in their new home, along with the difficulties which come with a transaction like this. All in all, this can make the whole move into a nightmare, soaking up your time and energy right up until the move is made. With all this work, a lot of people fail to consider some of the most important aspects of their new home. 



Don’t Let That Small Room Stump You!

Do you have a small room in your home that you’re struggling to plan out? Don’t let that small room stump you. Use this quick and easy guide to make it look great and enjoy it! 


Use Light Colours

Lighter colours won’t create more space, but they will make the room seem far more open than darker colours. It’s all about creating optical illusions – so don’t forget to include plenty of mirrors to reflect light either. 


Excercise For A Better Mind and Body

If you live in a climate that’s as changeable as the UK’s, you will be familiar with how difficult it can be to get outside. We lead busy lives with work and family commitments. We’re probably already trying to take extra steps to be healthier in our diet and exercise level. What little free time we have that we would like to spend outside is often ruined by the weather. Cold, miserable days or heavy rainfall can stop us from enjoying fresh air and expansive skies. It's likely that we spend a lot of time indoors, probably in front of the television or a computer screen. Fresh air can be something we’re really lacking in our lives.



Wood: A The DIYers Dream

Everyone likes the idea of creating their own furniture and household items, instead of relying on a business to do it for them. Being able to build chairs, tables, and other goods is a great benefit in life and can save a lot of money. Unfortunately, though, most people feel too daunted by this job to actually do it. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. You just need to start with the right materials and methods. The best material for newcomers to DIY is wood. This forgiving resource is found everywhere and is cheap enough for anyone to get their hands on. To help you out, this post will be going through some of your best options for building your own wooden furniture, as well as the tools and skills you’ll need to do it.


Parents & Property: What Are Your Options?



As both a parent and a person, you’ve often got a lot of option to consider when it comes to the course of your life. There are a lot of important decisions that you’ll need to think about over the years. Some will be on a life level, some will be more concerned with parenting, and some will be a combination of both. One that definitely falls into the latter camp is the question of property. Because when it comes to where you live, your family home needs to not only be somewhere that you love, but that’s also best for your family. And to decide on that, you have a lot of options to consider.



Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Shedding the extra pounds gained during pregnancy is one of the most difficult problems a new 
mum will encounter. There is the desire to get back into shape whether it is to regain a well-toned 
body, flat tummy or just get rid of love handles. Apart from the desire to look physically attractive, 
losing extra weight gained during pregnancy has many health benefits for both mother and baby.

The real challenge, however, is how to decide on the best way to lose the excess weight. Some of 
the most effective and healthy considerations are:


What I’d Do If I won The Lotto!



For some unknown reason, my already pretty bad spending habit ( I'm a spender not a saver) has got out of control! It's like I just keep seeing things I like and have absolutely no will power. Now this spending spree would be fine if a) we had a massive pay increase b) hadn't just started building our dream house and should be literally be eating bread and water or c) if I had a lucky lotto windfall.



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