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What To Do If You Suspect A Loved One Is Abusing Drugs



Working in the healthcare environment over the last 14 years I have come across all types of people who substance abuse. People from all walks of life and their families. Watching a loved one descend into a spiral of drug abuse or addiction is heartbreaking. You feel utterly helpless and useless, as they turn further away into the darkness. The good news is that you can help. It’s so easy to turn a blind eye or keep your concerns to yourself. After all, bringing up the subject with your loved one will almost always bring up arguments and resentment. Today, we’re going to show you the healthy and supportive way to help your loved one. It is by no means easy, but we’ll help you get through it together.


Working The Night Shift As A Mum



After feeding my baby boy, I kiss him, put him down to sleep and whisper "I love you, see you tomorrow". I read my toddler a story and give her a kiss repeating "I love you, see you tomorrow". It's 7pm,they are tucked up for the night. I go into my bedroom, brush my teeth, apply some makeup,tie up my hair, pop on my uniform and glance at my bed wishing I too was getting ready to lie down for the night. Instead, I'm getting ready for work, night shift looms in an hour, it's dark outside, neighbours are returning home from work as I prepare to go out the door and I change from mummy mode to nurse mode.


Reasons To Keep Your Garden Groomed

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, then it only makes sense you should look after it. Looking after your garden can become a great hobby, and you’ll have achievements to show for all of the effort you’ve put in. If you’re not convinced that you should start taking care of your garden, the following 8 reasons should help you:


Nuby Products *Review*



Nuby have long been a brand that are synonymous with colourful teething/feeding products and were a firm favourite in our house when we first had Amelia. The colourful bright toys are in every house we know. We were recently honoured to be asked to represent Nuby as their brand Ambassadors and we couldn't think of a better company to represent. 


Whisbear *Review*



Any mum of small babies or children will tell you they would literally sell their soul for a nights sleep. I'm not even talking a full nights sleep, because it's the minority of babies that sleep through the night. I'm talking even a block of a few hours together, or not having to resettle a baby 20 times a night when they just slightly stir, but have difficulty in self settling.


Tips for Designing a Sophisticated Nursery

If you love interior design, you're probably not going to change your tastes when a baby comes along. While some parents want a nursery with frill, cartoon animals and pinks and blues, that might not be for you. Anyone who prefers something a bit more sophisticated doesn't have to go for the nursery cliches. The room can be baby-friendly, while still be pleasing to the discerning adult's eye. You only need to plan the design in the same way you would do the rest of your home. Create mood board to start decorating your nursery by using the tips below to inspire you.


How To Bring Varied Meals Into Your Home

As I’ve told you all before, when you become a parent, there are a lot of lifestyle changes you have to accommodate for. The biggest change is simply having much less time for the things you usually would. If you’ve recently started a family, you might have already got into a manageable, although boring routine for family meals. If you want to break out of this, here’s how!


Threenager…….Its A Transition



Two year olds get a pretty bad reputation. They’re often portrayed as uncooperative little sh*ts, who tantrum all the time.Admittedly, we have had a few tantrums in the last year, but really, we never did quite get the terrible two's that bad. Many parents dread the ‘terrible twos’ only to discover that, actually, they really aren’t that bad. As soon as you have a baby, people will be fast to warn you about the terrible two's. However, two year olds simply don’t live up to the hype, they really are not bad. For us, the dreaded threenager is starting to show its ugly head. Amelia will be three in a few weeks and it's now we are really choosing when to pick our battles.


The Benefits of Introducing Your Kids to Sports

Introducing your kids to sports is one of the best things you can do for them while they are young. There are all kinds of sports your kids can get involved in, but many of them carry the same benefits. Many people think kids fall into one of two categories; the book kind and the sporty kind, but this doesn’t have to be the case. They can be both! Here are some of the benefits of introducing your kids to sports, and how you can go about doing it:


Henry & Pop Play Mat *Review*

When Amelia was a newborn my brother and sister kindly bought us a beautiful playmat from Mamas and Papas. It has stood the test of time, however Harry has never liked playing on it or lying on it as it's very lightly padded.Now he is crawling the padded and raised edging is getting in his way.



Recently we were sent the most gorgeous, heavily padded playmat from Henry & Pop. Henry&Pop was born from a passion of the arts and the love of family. The brand behind Australian girl Monica Henry. Combining original artworks with fabric printing and baby safe hand painted designs Monica creates something unique to the every growing baby market.


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