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Valentines Day Wish List

Flowers, perfume, dinner out, a night away, make up or something techy…..I'm all about Valentines Day and receiving gifts 😉😉Valentines was never a big deal to me, that was until six years ago when we got engaged at Edinburgh Castle on Valentines Day and since then we like to specially mark the occasion. This year my mum is coming to stay babysit,  and we are going out for dinner and drinks, we have not done this since this time last year when I was heavily pregnant with Harry.


Make Being Pregnant Easier For Yourself With These Tips

I wish I could say being pregnant is a walk in the park, but sadly it’s not. From the mood swings and hot flashes to the cravings (oh the cravings), pregnancy isn’t easy. Well, for some women it is – oh to be one of those lucky few, but for most of us ‘baking’ a mini human is hard work. Of course, there are times during pregnancy when you do look and feel good – you’ll love hearing how glowing you look.


Great Ways To Eat Awesome Food For Less

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Almost everyone on the planet loves food. The thought of tucking into a steak or biting into a juicy burger is enough to get the mouth salivating. But, food is not always cheap, and that is a problem. For the most part, eating well is going to cost a lot of money. So, lots of people decide not to eat their favorite meals to save the pennies. However, there is no need to do that anymore as the tips below will have you eating like a king. And, the best thing is it won’t break the bank.


Harry At 9 Months ~ Monthly Update



My little blue-eyed baby boy is 9 months, we are getting closer to his big first birthday and this month has seen the biggest change with regards development. He is a smiler, a charmer and wants to be by my side all day. I get showered in slobbery kisses (well that's what I like to think, he is really trying to bite every part of my face to get some relief from teething).


Our Weaning Series ~ Week 10



Welcome back to our weaning series. This week I've moved on to more lumpy/textured food for Harry. You can of course puree all these recipes to your own desired consistency to suit your child, or leave whole. Harry is now 9 months, and is thriving with food. He will eat everything, barr eggs, he will not touch them no matter how I cook them. He loves finger food, so I give him some florets of broccol,cooked carott sticks or slices of cucumber while I'm sorting out his dinner or of we are eating. So here are the new foods I've cooked this week, hope your child will enjoy them as much as mine do!


Steps For A Perfect Garden

Just like your home, your garden should be somewhere you can totally relax. If yours is covered in uprooted turf and decaying bushes, then it can be a little hard to feel calm and tranquil! If you think your garden needs a makeover, then the whole process is often simpler than you might imagine. Here are a few steps you can take to refresh your little patch of green.


Gap Year Getaways

Results day is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of your entire life. After years of studying, it's the day you'll discover what your future holds. Although how you've shaped your career will be your primary concern, you've also likely got one eye on how to spend your gap year. For most students, taking a year out after their studies is the perfect way to recharge and refresh before resuming a normal life.


6 Things Every Foodie Needs In Their Kitchen

Okay, confession time. I’m a huge foodie. Maybe it’s not a huge secret, since I have an entire blog section dedicated to recipes! But, in case you hadn’t guessed, I love food. It’s one of the small pleasures in life, and I love to try new things every day. It probably won’t surprise you to know that I have a kitchen full of equipment that helps out. Today, I’ll show you around, and let you know my favourite foodie tools!


Stokke Scoot – #StokkeOnTheGo



A few months ago, Stokke the brand behind some iconic prams and baby furniture got in touch to see of we would like to take part in their Stokke On The Go Campaign. We filmed a day in our city using our Stokke Scoot.


If We Were To Travel The World In A Van…….


We all have dreams, and what would we be without them? Ours would be to take a year off and take the kids travelling the world (as I said,its a dream). I was recently asked if I would document where we would travel to, why, and what we thought we would need. We would love to initially start off in Europe and end up in Australia/New Zealand, properly seeing as much as every country as possible. The best way we could educate our children.


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