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Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta With Tomatoes, Spinach & Pine Nuts



Who doesn't love a pasta dish that can be eaten all year round, hot or cold, be the perfect salad accompaniment to a Bbq, a quick lunch or a warming and satisfying dinner?

I have been making this lunch for years, it evolved and it has been a staple on Bbq days as well as always having some in the fridge to pick at during the week. It's a quick and easy pasta dish that all the family will love and us equally as tasty with or without the chicken.


Simple Ways To Ensure Your Kids Are Healthier At Home

When you’ve got crawlers and toddlers at home, keeping them safe is your number one priority. Every moment requires a risk assessment. Could he bump into this? Will she spill that? As parents, we are hyper-vigilant, and with good reason. There are half a million children under 5 taken to A&E every year. Most of these are from accidents and too much rough and tumble. But many are caused by poisoning and allergies.


Great Ideas To Decorate Your Walls

 If you’re thinking of redecorating, then there’s a common wall a lot of people hit; what to put on the walls! The walls of your home are a blank canvas. Hanging the right picture or other curiosity can give the entire room a potent sense of character and style. If you want this kind of effect, but you’re stuck for ideas, you don’t have to keep grinding your teeth! Here are some great ideas for wall decorations.


How To Finally Quit Smoking For Good

We all know that smoking is bad for your health. But once you are hooked, it’s very hard to quit the habit. Many people have tried and failed in the past. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up altogether.


Make Sure Your Home Sells Fast With My Tips

Selling a home is always difficult and nerve racking. You start to remember the horror stories that you’ve heard from families and friends. Or wonder, just how long did that house at the other end of the street take to sell? Your biggest fear is that your home won’t sell at all and could spend years on the market. Well, my first tip is this. If your home hasn’t sold within six months take it off the market and do some renovation work on it. Then, when you think it’s ready put it up again. I recommend this because it should never take more than six months for a house to sell. If it does, there’s something wrong with your home that you need to fix. Or, you’re over reaching with your expectations. On this post you’ll find simple tips to make sure your home is sold as quickly as possible.


7 Easy Ways To Have A Healthier Life

Here’s another one of my features on improving your health. While loads of us go to the gym or a class regularly these days, there are simpler things we can all do in order to make ourselves healthier and happier. When you see how simple some of these tips are, you might be surprised by how pleasurable getting healthy can really be! No matter how badly you’ve been neglecting these pointers, don’t worry too much! There’s always time to turn it around! We’ll start with the one you’re probably most pleased to hear!


Mummycooks Food Flask *Review*



When you are out and about with a young baby and they need to be fed, then THEY NEEED TO BE FED. No baby likes to wait. You can passify a toddler with some snacks until you get home or find somewhere to sit and order some food, but babies don't like to wait.


Fun Activities You And Your Kids Can Enjoy Together

Spending quality one on one time with your children is highly beneficial to your relationship and strengthens your bond. No matter how many expensive toys and books they have, having some uninterrupted play time with you is incomparable. Even five minutes of fun every few hours can build trust and security. It will also make them less likely to seek attention through tantrums and bad moods. So it’s vital that you schedule in regular activities during the day where you can have fun being together. Here are some suggestions that you can try with your kids to start the fun today.


Family Car Conundrums: Here’s My Checklist For Getting The Best Ones

Every few years we like most people, like to get a different car. As much as I'd love to keep the cars I own, they often become more expensive to maintain as they get older. Age and wear-related problems become commonplace and at some point I have to make a decision. These days with young children in tow I need a family car that is both reliable and cheap to run. If you're looking for a family car, it's likely you'll have seen plenty of choices on the market. So, how do you know which ones you should shortlist and which ones to avoid? Here's what I recommend you do:


Parenthood – This Really Is The Time Of Our Lives



I think my husband says every night without fail "We are so lucky", referring to our two healthy, happy and half the time crazy children. I mumble "I know"……..he is saying it again!! But sometimes, I really do need that gentle reminder. The life of an honest mum is not always fun. I feel sometimes that all I do is give out to my kids, give out about them and wish for bedtime to arrive willingly. I know I write a lot about the hard times here, but there are plenty of really lovely moments too!


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