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Keeping Your Home and Buisness Secure When Your Away



Returning home from any holiday, be it that log awaited honeymoon, that first break away together, a first family holiday or a much needed weekend away, can be gloomy time, but returning from a memorable time away and learning something has gone seriously wrong at home can be downright devastating

A house or  apartment left empty while its owners are traveling is a tempting target for criminals. So like all the other holiday preperations you take on, it's imperative that every traveler take certain key steps to keep his or her home safe and sound while enjoying their


Defeat Accepted…..We Will Never Sleep In Again




I'm back….back writing about that long-time favourite topic of each and every long suffering, sleep deprived parent in the world…..sleep, or lack of it!  I’m always asked “How’s Amelia getting on with sleeping in, or is she still a bad sleeper or does she sleep past 5 still?”

I wrote some time back about "How We Said Goodbye To Our 5am Wake Up Calls" , after getting help from a sleep consultant! You can read all about that here. Well I'm eating my words again, since Amelia got the chicken pox, we are back to her literally waking up with the birds and ready to take on the world at 5am most mornings! As I write this I'm wondering, is it the bloody birds waking her? Maybe I should move her bed from under the window…..it's all laughable really, I'm saying in the title I've accepted defeat, but am always on the lookout for ways to get her to sleep…just a little longer!

It’s back to separate rooms for me and my poor husband, so one of us gets a full nights sleep!He is a soft touch, and let's her climb into bed with him….she will go back to sleep, but after he has rubbed back and feet….they talk about a pampered pooch, that's her in mini adult form! 



Surviving as a Working Mum in London



Do you ever have to bite your tongue when you hear someone without kids complaining that they are too busy or they don’t have time for things like they used to, because of work? It’s difficult to resist sharing your own situation as a working parent and comparing just how little time you have in a day to get everything done. As tempting as it is, don’t do it! Give yourself a pat on the back- because it’s really hard work! But don’t start resenting those around you who seem to have it easier- the chances are they don’t. Here are some tips on how to perfect being a working mum, without wanting to pull your hair out (at least not all the time!)


1- Finding the right job-

An important factor to uniting your family life with your career, is finding a job that allows you flexibility. Finding an employer who understands your home situation is key. Part-time or flexible work is out there, and you should know your rights regarding hours you have to work. Start by making sure the jobs you look for are right for you. You can go online and find a position that suits you regarding distance from home, hours or work- there are plenty of jobs in London that can work alongside a balanced life. Just relax and take it step by step, and remember that your priorities must be kept in mind.


Everything You Need For The Ultimate Pamper Night

As any busy mother will know, it is often difficult to find the time to pamper yourself. Having children can often make you much more selfless than you were before being a mum, and you may not think that pampering is even necessary anymore. But now is the time to stop being so hard on yourself. Everyone deserves a treat every now and again, and even if you don't have the budget to check yourself into a luxury spa, there are plenty of ways you can create a relaxing spa experience right in the comfort of your own home. Once the kids are in bed, make the decision to spend some time on yourself – that work can wait until tomorrow! Ready to commit to some serious me-time? Read on for the ultimate pamper night guide.


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The Sun Has Got His Hat On….. Kids Holiday Clothes With Marks and Spencer



I've ditched the socks and boots and so very close to doing the same with the kids, but it's that inbetween time is'nt it? One day it's all suncream and sundresses, straw hats and sandals, the next the socks, cardigans and closed shoes have to be taken out from the back of the wardrobe again….but we can still get ourselves ready, for what is meant to be a long hot summer (don't they say that very year??) So the holiday shopping for summer clothes has begun….always great to have that glass half full and stay optomistic.

Whether you are having a staycation or travelling abroad this summer for the school holidays, the kids will need some new clothes, especially if they are like mine, and all the items you kept from last summer, now look like they will only fit their teddies and dolls. This year, I've started early, I want to try to buy just a few items, that I can mix and match, dress up for those nights out and be also everyday wear, lets be all cool and call it a kids capsule wardobe! Packing for a family of four can be stressful at the best of times….and 9 /10 left up to the nurse/cook/cleaner/teacher/nappy changer…..thats me, MUM! So, buying a few items that can be mixed and matched together, saves space, saves money on baggage when flying and saves one giant headache for that said nurse/cook/cleaner/teacher/nappy changer.

Marks and Spencer Kids Holiday Essentials are now all in store and up on their website. They recently asked us to pick our favourites from this seasons collection, and having bought from them before and know the quality of their clothing…..sure it would have been rude to have said "no".

My style for both kids is simple and classic and Marks and Spencers do just that, making choosing my items a hard job. Sun hats were at the top of my list, my kids are pale, very pale and protecting their heads and faces is my priority and their stylish straw hats are perfect.


Eczema and Your Child

Working as a nurse has meant that over the years, I have seen some truly severe cases of eczema in babies and young children. Because of that, I know just how hard it is to cope with. Luckily for me, Amelia or Harry, do not suffer from eczema, but I know other children who do.

I have a few mummy friends whose little ones do suffer from eczema, and I have seen how hard they struggle to cope with it. That’s why I thought I would put together this handy guide for dealing with eczema in babies and toddlers.


A Guide To Buying A New Home

So you are thinking of buying a home? There are a lot of considerations; it is a pretty big step after all. It can be a lengthy and pricey process, so bear this in mind and be prepared. The outcome is worth it, though; a home to call your own and put your stamp on.



Dirt Cheap: Why Gardening’s Better Than Therapy!



No one likes to feel down so if you’re sitting indoors wondering about how you can feel better why not get out into the garden? Your mind will be focused on something else, you’ll be enjoying plenty of free, fresh air instead of munching on calorie-laden chocolate and you’ll also feel a major sense of accomplishment when you’ve planted a whole row of carrots!



MyTop 5 Money Saving Tips

All of us look at ways to save money around the home, right? Every penny counts these days, and as the price of living rises most people will be looking for clever things to do around the home that will cost us less. So, I thought I would offer you some tips on some small changes that you can make that can have a significant impact. Here are five of the best money-saving tips I have picked up over the years.

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4 Tips to Help You Balance Your Work and Your Life

Dealing with the stress of life can be a pain especially when you also have to balance your children and your work. With so many responsibilities, it can easily become overwhelming and before you know it, you’ll lose control of the situation, spiral into debt and depression, and it will be hard trying to pull you out from those lonely depths.



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