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Are You Ready For Any Household Emergency?

Life has a habit of throwing up misfortune when we least expect it. And as a parent, it’s something that we should all be aware of. The trouble is, can you honestly say you are ready for anything? Whether it’s your little ones injuring themselves while exploring, or a sudden breakdown of an essential piece of household equipment, every parent needs to be well prepared and know how to react. Let’s take a look at everything you can do to prepare for any household emergency.





No credit? No problem! Easy solutions to parental problems

Being a parent in today’s world is an expensive business.




The cost of raising a child in the UK has never been higher. All things considered, the average cost of raising a child to the age of 21 in this country costs a staggering £230,000. The balancing act between ensuring that we make sure our kids have everything they need to be happy and healthy while ensuring our credit stays in the black has never been more precarious.


The Best Locations for a Relaxing Family Holiday

Ah,, family holidays… Time for relaxation, to make memories, and for parents to spend quality time with their kids and each other. However, as wonderful as it is, it is not always easy to plan, pay for and everything else it entails!  

Here are my five suggestions of locations suitable for a relaxing European family holiday, where the kids will have plenty to do, but mum and dad will also be able to relax a bit too.  


Creamy Coconut Tropical Popsicles



As I was on a roll with the ice/lolly making a few days ago see recipe here (which were a huge hit amongst my two and our neighbours) I tried out another recipe yesterday.

Looking out at the rain today, it's more of a hot chocolates and cosy blankets kind of weather rather than Ice-Lollies, but you know….glass half full, live in hope and say a little prayer to the weather gods that this downpour is just to help the farmers and our dehydrated plants and we will be back to suncream, garden pool days and freckled faces in a few days.

These Creamy Coconut Tropical Popsicles are gorgeous, really tropical and light.(I'm thinking a drop of rum added would make a really tasty sun-downer on a summers even for the adults 😉)


Handful of frozen Pineapple chunks


Creamy Coconut and Mixed Berry Ice Lollies



Today I decided to try my hand at making the kids something cool for this hot weather!


It was a chance but it paid off, although admittedly I did them twice, as the first batch needed more sweetness in the coconut section. So from your dry kitchen cupboard and freezer, these ice lollies will keep both young and old refreshed on these sticky days!


Sunny Days and A Tropical Garden *A Collaboration With Marks and Spencer

IMG_0954 IMG_0958


Well looks like we have got what we wanted finally, a good stretch of summer sunshine! With no beach nearby my two have to do with the back garden with a paddling pool, watering can and sand pit (I hate sandpits FYI, but when it comes to children these things are worth their weight in gold).  They will spend as many as weekends as possible in Kerry over the the summer with a choice of beaches near my parents house, but in between its Costa Del La Back Garden.While I sit in the garden writing this, the forecast says it's hotter than Greece, some even say the Caribbean…sure who needs a holiday and clear blue water, sandy beaches and pina coladas on tap when you can have plastic paddling pools, cold water from the garden hose, sand all over the house from the sand pit and putting up the parasol, just in case you need to shelter from the rain!!


Moving abroad with Kids- the Dos and Don’ts



Moving house is famously an incredibly stressful time, add kids into the mix and there are more complications, but moving to a new house, in a new country, with children? That can be a little overwhelming! However, moving can also mean the beginning of a new chapter in your life, and a whole load of new adventures to share with your family. Here are some tips on making this transition as stress-free as possible. 



Make Your Garden Child Friendly and Safe

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big believer in children spending as much time outdoors as possible. Today, far too many kids spend the majority of their time stuck inside watching television.



If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you should be encouraging your children to spend as much time outdoors as possible. That being said, I know that getting kids to go outside isn’t always easy. However, if you transform your garden into somewhere that is family-friendly, they will be happier to spend more time out there. 



What We Wore #2




Hello! We are back with "What We Wore", our 2nd post in the series. You can see the first one here. It's just a very quick post with all the direct links to what the kids wore and sometimes, very rarely but sometimes, "What Mum Wore". If I can't find the direct links or they are sold out items, I will find an alternative that is similar. Everything is always up on our Instagram page, but this post will take you to the direct page of the item!








What We Wore #1

Hello….I've decided to start a new series on "What We Wore" but really it's going to be mainly what the kids wore. I generally have everything up on my Instagram page, but with this I can add direct links to each outfit or something similar if it has sold out! There may be the odd "What Mum Wore", but mainly it will be the kids, because, you know, my money is in their wardrobe (or if I'm honest more so Amelia's wardrobe).



I've ditched the socks and boots and so very close to doing the same with the kids, but it's that inbetween time is'nt it? One day it's all suncream and sundresses, straw hats and sandals, the next the socks, cardigans and closed shoes have to be taken out from the back of the wardrobe again….but we can still get ourselves ready, for what is meant to be a long hot summer (don't they say that very year??) So the holiday shopping for summer clothes has begun….always great to have that glass half full and stay optomistic.

Whether you are having a staycation or travelling abroad this summer for the school holidays, the kids will need some new clothes, especially if they are like mine, and all the items you kept from last summer, now look like they will only fit their teddies and dolls. This year, I've started early, I want to try to buy just a few items, that I can mix and match, dress up for those nights out and be also everyday wear, lets be all cool and call it a kids capsule wardobe! Packing for a family of four can be stressful at the best of times….and 9 /10 left up to the nurse/cook/cleaner/teacher/nappy changer…..thats me, MUM! So, buying a few items that can be mixed and matched together, saves space, saves money on baggage when flying and saves one giant headache for that said nurse/cook/cleaner/teacher/nappy changer.

Marks and Spencer Kids Holiday Essentials are now all in store and up on their website. They recently asked us to pick our favourites from this seasons collection, and having bought from them before and know the quality of their clothing…..sure it would have been rude to have said "no".

My style for both kids is simple and classic and Marks and Spencers do just that, making choosing my items a hard job. Sun hats were at the top of my list, my kids are pale, very pale and protecting their heads and faces is my priority and their stylish straw hats are perfect.


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