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Potty Training…..Our Story



I have been a bit reluctant to write this post, as it will be sods law that it will go belly up once I press publish. BUT, it would seem that we have cracked day-time potty training and in the interest of potentially helping someone else, because God knows I "Googled" enough  and asked so many people for advice that if anything I did helps, then the time will be well spent writing this.

I don't have any tricks or unknown tips of how we did it, because it simply came down to Amelia being ready at 2 years and 7 months. I tried to potty train her about two months ago, and it was just not happening. Three days into potty training she had only done a wee in the potty just once. She was getting distressed by the whole thing and I was getting stressed. On day two I sent her to nursery, as they said they would help, but it ended up with her in three changes of clothes. She just wasn't ready.

So I left it a couple of weeks, until one day she asked to go wee wees in her potty. I ran for it, placed her on it and from there we have had only one accident. This was three days in, when I decided I would go mad if we didn't get out of the house, so we took her bike around our street. She weed, told me and  hated being wet and cold. So maybe this worked in both our favours.

Her nursery key worker has told me she has great control, in that she can wait for her turn to use the Potty.I have seen this myself when we are out in the car, she will tell me " I need wee wee mummy", I'll tell her to hold on that we will be home shortly, and she does wait. Long may this last!

I think she probably drives them mad at nursery, because anytime someone else says they need to use the potty, Amelia is right behind them, with her pants and tights around her ankles!



So, we are now around three weeks in and it is going really well. The sticker chart and treats have been forgotten about. It's not a "Big Deal" anymore. She just wees/poops when she wants to without being prompted. We still have to tackle the daytime nap and night time. Amelia still has a bottle during these sleeps and is still in a cot.Her pull-up is generally dry after the day time nap, so I think we will cracke that one quickly. Santa is taking her bottles at Christmas, in exchange for presents, and her big girl bed should be arriving anytime soon. So after Christmas I'll be starting on that (around the same time I go back to work!!!), so I've no doubt I'll be busy washing bed sheets on my days off!

Here is what we did during our potty training week:

1. Put aside a week to being at home. The second time round I didn't send her to nursery, I didn't make any plans and put off people calling around so there wasn't any distractions.We watched a lot of TV and read books. We were lucky that the weather was really bad that week, so I felt  OK aboutstaying in.

2.Explain to your child what is happening. I told Amelia that I threw all her nappies in the bin.

3.Buy a potty training book that contains a chart and stickers. I ripped this out and stuck it on the door, so she could put the stickers on her chart herself.

4.Reward and praise your child. I bought a pack of mini marshmallows. I rewarded her every time she sat on the Potty, regardless of whether she did anything or not. I also did a "high five", "your the best big girl" and we did a little "wee wee dance" we still do this! Whatever keeps her happy.

5. Leave the potty out, so that it is easily accessible to your child.

6. Stock up on paper towels and antiseptic wipes.

7.Get an egg timer.Set the timer for every 3 mins, make it a game. Every time the timer goes off, place them on the Potty. Once they eventually go, you can set it for longer intervals.

8.Don't hold back on the fluids, you want them to go and don't want to end up with a dehydrated child.

9.Get plenty of loose Pj bottoms,plastic shoes such as crocs and knickers/underpants. The week we were at-home I let Amelia wander around naked from the bottom. I turned up the heat and she didn't have to worry about pulling down knickers and pants.Once she got the hang of using the Potty, I put knickers and loose Pj's on her. They will find it difficult pulling down the back of the clothes, so this is something that needs to be taught.

10. It's a tough week, you will need a lot of patience, tongue biting, not giving out over dripping wee and a bottle of wine in the fridge every night😉😉

I hope that this has been some help you if you are thinking of training soon or are in the middle of it. Don't give up, if you feel they are not ready and everyone is getting stressed, then leave it and come back to it a few weeks later as we did. You don't want them associating going to the toilet as a stressful time. This can lead to constipation and kidney infections.


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T, A & H xxxx


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