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Renovating Your Bathroom the DIY Way

Is it time to give your bathroom a new look? Why not save yourself some money and do it the DIY way? Here’s how.

Use Shelves for Storage

Storage is always a problem in the bathroom. There never seems to be enough. Most people’s bathrooms aren’t big enough to dedicate a large amount of space to storage. And nobody likes sacrificing space. That’s why it’s a good idea to use the walls as storage. It’s practical, and you lose no floor space.

It’s so simple to make your own DIY shelves as well. You just need some quality wood that you can shape, varnish and paint how you like. Then you just attach them to the wall, and you can store whatever you want on them without losing any precious space from the room.

Tile the Countertops

The tops of your counters need to be both attractive and resilient to damage. That’s why a lot of people choose marble and granite surfaces. But they’re not the only materials that can look great and remain undamaged. People are now increasingly turning to tiles when decking out their countertops.

It’s also very easy for DIYers to tile the countertop by themselves. All you need to do is lay the tiles the same way you would if you were tiling the bathroom walls. It’s also a very cheap option. It’s certainly a lot cheaper than buying materials such as marble as this can be very expensive. So, if you’re on a budget, tiles might be the option for you.

Install An Eye-Catching Light Feature

The lighting feature in the bathroom can be one of two things. You could choose a light feature that’s simple, modest and plain. Or you could go for something more interesting. I’d recommend the latter. You could pick a feature that stands out and draws your attention to it as soon as you enter the room.

To do this, you need to find a light fixture that’s classic and elegant. There are some modern light fixtures that fit that description. But most of them don’t. If you want to find the very best option, you should buy something like an old chandelier. It doesn’t have to have been made specifically for bathrooms for it to look great in yours.


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Build a Towel Rack

Your towels need to go somewhere. If you don’t have a towel rack to put them on, they just end up getting left all over the place making the room look messy. You don’t have to buy a towel rack from a shop though. Why not put your DIY skills to good use and make one with your own hands?

It doesn’t take much time or effort. You just need some good wood, nails and a bit of creativity. Think about how it could look and where you want it to go. You could make a simple structure with grooves in it to hold the rolled up towels. It can then be attached to the wall, and you’re all done, you’ve made your own towel rack.

Buy a New Toilet & Sink but Install them Yourself

The toilet and sink are the most important practical parts of your bathroom. They need to look good and work properly. If your toilet and sink doesn’t fit these two criteria, you’ll have to replace them. Yes, it can be expensive to buy these fixtures, but you can save some money by installing them yourself.

The first thing you need to do is choose the fixtures that are right for your bathroom. The internet offers you endless options, so view here to find out more. Once you’ve decided which ones you want, don’t be tempted to pay someone to fit them for you. It’s actually pretty simple, just follow an online guide for support.

Repurpose an Old Mirror

Your bathroom doesn’t necessarily have to have a bathroom mirror. The ones you find in bathroom stores tend to be really dull and plain. But if you look outside the mainstream shops, you can find a lot of great options. I’d recommend looking in second-hand shops for something more interesting.

The mirror you find doesn’t even have to be in good condition anymore. It can be old and battered; as long as the glass is in good condition, it can be salvaged. Keep the old frame and repaint it, and you’ll have a great looking mirror for your new-look bathroom.


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As you now know, renovating the bathroom doesn’t have to be something you pay someone else to do. Do it yourself instead.

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