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*Review* Joie Stages Group 0+ 1-2 Car Seat


A few months ago we received the Joie Stages Group 0+ 1-2 Car Seat to review, the car seat that is suitable from 0 – 7 years! I had never heard of this car seat before, and was intrigued as to how one seat would be suitable from birth to age 7 years.


From the makers of the first UK government certified i-Size car seat comes another versatile chair that allows rearward-facing for longer.“i-Size” is the name of a new European safety regulation that affects car seats for children under 15 months of age. It came into effect on July 9th 2013 and provides extra protection in several ways, most notably by providing rearward facing travel for children up to 15 months in an i-Size car seat instead of between 9 to 12 months, which the current EU regulation advises.


Joie has produced the Stages car seat, an i-Size compatible chair that can be used rear-facing until your child is four-years-old or 18kg, well over the legal requirement.

Rearward facing car seats are known to be five times safer than forward facing seats in a frontal collision.


So being able to keep your child rearward facing for longer is a big plus for any parent concerned about motor safety.

A Group 0+/1/2 car seat, it fits into your car with a seat belt, as opposed to an ISOFIX base and it grows with the child from birth to a full seven years.


It has won awards for innovation and best buy multi stage car seat, and received an honourable mention for design all in the year or so it’s been on the market.


•All in one car seat (Colours and styles may vary)
•Rock sturdy
•Rearward facing birth to 18kg
•Forward facing 9kg-25kg
•Side impact protection with Side ventilated headrest and sides
•Well marked colour coded installation paths
•Adjust simultaneously and with one hand
•Front tension harness adjustment
4 recline positions: 1 rear facing and 3 forward facing
•Sandwich foam headrest, Shoulder harness, Lower buckle covers, Padded and removable full body support insert with foam lift assist with breathable knit fabrics



So what did we think?

We are using our Joie in our second car for Amelia, however I tried Harry out in the seat first. Amelia has been very happy in it and it’s a huge bonus that the same seat can be used for Harry by just inserting the padded insert.

It is so easy to install, it took minutes and the instructions are to point. It has a 3 point harness and is easy to place the child into the seat and fasten.

While its light to carry from house to car or move from car to car, it’s not a car seat for a newborn that can used attached to a buggy, it is to be used fixed in place. This is why I feel it’s better as a second car seat or one for an older child.

The seat comes with a plush and comfy insert for your newborn, which should be removed when your child is over six months. When removed it is still very well padded ensuring maximum comfort for little bums.

While Joie state that the seat can be used rear facing up to 18kgs, which is approximately age 4, I know that my two year old would find it a squash in another year. We are using this front-facing as that is what she is used to from her other seat.

There are four reclining positions,but only one is suitable for the rear facing ‘infant mode’ (birth to four-months-old).There are three reclining positions for the next two modes, toddler and youth. It is really easy to recline.

The headrest is easy to change position, with added bonus of the ventilation pockets. The covers are machine washable.

For us the only negative aspect of the seat is that we cannot turn the seat towards the door, as we can with our other car seat. While this is not essential, it does help with lifting a child in and out of a car seat. Maybe a design feature for the future of Joie car seats.


RRP: €199/£150 Available from Mothercare, Argos, Halfords, Smyths, Mamas and Papas, Toysrus

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9 Responses to *Review* Joie Stages Group 0+ 1-2 Car Seat

  1. Megan Adams says:

    Thanks for the brilliant review! We purchased our Joie Stages a few months back and have been impressed with the features you get for the money. I am really keen on keeping my son rearward facing for as long as possible, however I’m struggling to lift him over the strap and get him into the seat at 13 months old. I’m hoping I get used to it, but can see this getting more of a struggle as he gets bigger. It is an excellent value for money seat apart from that! 🙂

  2. Nicky Webb says:

    I know it’s a bit of a faff, but I get into the back seat on the other side and put my daughter in. Mine is fitted in the middle three point seat belt so I would have to get in anyway due to a weak back, though my husband kneels on the rear seat.

  3. Rachel says:

    Great Mum review – delighted to have come across it! Have been shopping around for extended rear facing car seats here in Ireland and thought the Joie stages was very reasonable with the seatbelt issue being the only downside (as mentioned in the other comments). Out of interest note you are using it as a second seat and that you have a rotating one for main use. More expensive having this feature of course but I was interested as to which one you went for? I was bamboozled in the shop yesterday with all the different types not to mention the prices!

    • triona81@hotmail.com says:

      Hi Rachel, thank you. Yes we use the Joie in my husbands car, I have the Maxi Cosi Axis on mine for Amelia. My back would be killing me if I did t have this option to rotate it towards the door. They are expensive, but we are in the car a lot, so it’s worth every penny! X

      • Liz says:


        I am Liz, I am from Peru, South America. I recently bought this seat for my 3 month old baby and have a question I would really appreciate you can answer please. My baby is 54 centimeters and she is higher for her age. So when I put her on the seat I notice the infant body support does not allow me to be buckle the seat belt as she is too tall, let say. So should I remove that support anyway,  right? Even if she is too young? 

        Many thanks 

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  5. Michelle says:

    I am so sorry I bought this seat. I wish it was made clear in the demo video that the seat belt is totally in the way when you are trying to put the child in the seat!!!    Also the shoulder straps keep slipping off 

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