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Slugs, Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails….An Autumn Wardrobe That Will Last Through Toddler Play




While my two kids are not yet in school and I don't have to go on the hunt for school  uniforms, they are in Montessori (Amelia 5 mornings per week) and Nursery (Harry 2 mornings per week), meaning A LOT of clothes are worn and washed, and while I would love to have a separate wardrobe of "School Clothes" "Good Clothes", I don't have the funds to stretch to that (who does?). Even on the days Harry is not in nursery, we could still have two outfit changes a day, because, you know, he is a boy and  "What are little boys made of? Slugs and snails, And puppy-dogs' tails."That's what little boys are made of" Never a truer word for my boy. If there's dirt he will find it. If he can make a mess, it will end up on his clothes. If he can smash it, he is right there with it in his hand. If he can draw on it, yes, the pen is in his hand. 



Pure Cotton Denim Dungarees

Teal Mix Stripe Top (two pack)


While Amelia is definitely a lot more careful about spillages and mess, by the end of the day most of her clothes too end up in the laundry basket, it's an never ending pile that  I have only ever once seen the end of, and every time I think I'm nearly there, it's pulled high again! 







Cotton Rich Denim Dungarees

Pure Cotton Floral T-Shirt

Pure Cotton Chunky Knit Cardigan


With that in mind this season when I was shopping for the kids, I looked at M&S range of children's wear, as well as warm winter coats (we live in Ireland, a good heavy coat is always needed), and most of M&S's coats come with Stormwear to keep the rain out and to repeal the mud and dirt, you can see a full range of their children's coats here,  I was looking for durable clothing, that was soft, would wash well, not bobble after the first wash and most importantly be durable. 






Parka Jacket With Stormwear

Marks and Spencer children’s wear is fashionable, great quality at a great price with fast delivery. I really struggle to find nice boys clothes that aren't covered in motifs, cartoon characters and something other than a navy stripe.  M&S have a wide range of children's wear to suit every taste. Dungarees and denim are made for rough and tumble, outdoor play and they are unisex! I love these on the kids and the denim is soft to touch. As much as I love skinny jeans….they are not comfortable and  comfort is key when it comes to dressing your children.



Pure Cotton Woven Pyjamas 

Fox Slippers



Pure Cotton Red Checked Pyjamas




Goodnight, My Angels

Goodnight my angels,
Time to close your eyes.
Save questions for another day.
You should always know,
I am never far away.

Goodnight my angels,
Now it’s time to sleep.
Like a boat on the ocean,
in waters deep,
I’m rocking you to sleep.
Inside my heart,
you’ll always be
a part of me.

Goodnight my angels,
Now it’s time to dream.
Dream how wonderful
your life will be.
Some day a child may cry,
and if you sing this lullaby,
then in your heart,
there’ll always be a part of me.


Is there anything nicer than climbing into bed after a busy day….I'm sure this goes for some kids too…once the battle is over, the teeth are brushed, stories are read and prayers are said.  One thing we all want is to be comfortable in our beds. Wearing comfortable PJ's. Not too cold, not too warm, not too scratchy or itchy….all the excuses they can come up with! I picked two pairs of PJ's from their Autograph range, These pyjamas are perfect for a cosy night's sleep. Pure cotton makes this pair extra airy and comfortable. It's very hard to find 100% cotton clothing for children that doesn't cost the earth. For kids with skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis this is imperative as the cotton does not aggravate their skin. See a full range of their sleepwear here.






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T, A & H xxxxxx


*This post in in collaboration with Shopping Links and M&S. 

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  2. Your kids are too cute Triona and their denim jeans are awesome. Thanks for sharing your Autumn wardrobe.

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