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Stop The Worry: Having A Calm Pregnancy With Your First Baby

Having your first baby, or adding to your existing brood is a major decision for anybody; you’ll already be aware that your life will change in an instant, and you can forget about lie-ins and potential hangovers for quite some time. However, the rewards are even greater, and a new family member will always bring happiness and positivity to what you already have, no matter how tired you might be during that first year. Although nobody can fully prepare you for what’s ahead, there are plenty of things you can do before you welcome a bundle of joy to put your mind at ease and feel confident about the newbie in your home. There is a lot of fear-mongering in the media surrounding pregnancy, and although you'll need to be mindful and vigilant of your body, and any changes; it’s worth speaking to the right people for help and guidance. Therefore, papers and gossip columns should be off-limits for the next 9 months or so, and careful planning and research should lie ahead instead. The more relaxed, prepared, and calm you are throughout your pregnancy, the less risk you have of putting stress on your body and sending it through to your baby. So, have some fun with it; it’s an exciting time for all involved, and you’ll want to make some great happy memories along the way. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and things to consider for those who are expecting their first baby, to help you prepare as much as possible for the big event.


Mum And Baby’s Health And Wellbeing


Any woman will tell you; pregnancy is no easy feat, so you’ll need to keep a close eye on your inner health, before, during, and after your pregnant months, especially if any significant changes occur. You’ll need to ensure that you’re getting plenty of the right food, and filling up on nourishing ingredients and meals so that both you and baby are getting all the vitamins you need. It’s always talking to your healthcare team about the best food you can be eating and any changes that could improve your diet to give it a boost where needed. But, the basics will be plenty of fresh fruit and veg, fewer sugary and fast food, and try to cook from scratch whenever you can so that you’re not filling up on processed ingredients. Cooking for yourself and little one can be a mindful tactic to clear your head and unwind doing something calm and healthy that will benefit you both.


Think about building up your strength and stamina through fitness before you have your little one; carrying a baby is tiring, so the higher the level of fitness you have, the better your pregnancy will go. Giving birth, and the lack of sleep when you have your newborn, will also take its toll on your body, so make sure that you do everything you can to look after it throughout the process. Plenty of sleep, the right food, hydration, and exercising when you can, will all contribute towards a happy and successful pregnancy and birth. Very little to no alcohol is also crucial to the health of your baby; it can cause defects and harm to your little one before they’re even born, and can even lead to lesser-known conditions like cyclopia. Don’t over-worry or panic yourself, but keep in mind the things that cause risk and danger to your baby, and avoid them; always seek professional medical advice before making any changes so that you can be confident in your choices.


Stocking UP And Preparing


When it comes to collecting together everything that you’ll need for your baby; the sooner, the better. There’s plenty to collect, so you don’t want to leave everything to your baby shower, or the last minute. Look into a list of essentials for an incoming newborn, and begin getting stocked up week by week. Buying everything all at once will ensure that your bank balance takes a battering, so it’s worth collecting a little at a time to spread the cost. Keep your eyes peeled for special deals in the supermarket, and grab those 3 for 2 baby wipes or nappies. Also, it’s worth talking to other mums; they’ve been there and done it, so they can tell you about all those little things that you might not have thought of just yet. Prepping as much as you can is another great way to focus your mind and stay confident and calm throughout the process.


It’s not all wipes, nappies, and bottles you need to focus on either; you’ll be able to enjoy the process of kitting out and decorating a nursery space for your little one. You can spend some of your downtime scrolling through interior magazines, and take a look online for inspiration (before delegating various tasks to your partner to do). Spend some time thinking about themes and where you’re going to put everything; it will take your mind off any worries, and you’ll begin to feel more excited throughout your pregnancy. You can also start storing all those items you’ve stocked up on in the storage throughout the nursery. 


Enjoy Little Moments To Yourself


Although you’ll have been busy preparing for your upcoming bundle; it’s worth making sure that you’re able to enjoy plenty of serene moments with your bump. Try to make the most of being pregnant, and any quiet time you have to sit back and stroke and hold that beautiful bump. Sit in the nursery, or have a warm (not hot) bath and look at how much your baby bump has grown. You should feel proud that you’ve been doing all you can to create a nourishing and safe environment for your baby to grow in and be confident that you’re already a great mum. Little things like writing your baby a letter for their future birthday, are ways to bond with them, and you can continue to enjoy your pregnancy before the real hard work begins.






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