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The Christmas Eve Box



For children around the world, Christmas Eve is perhaps the most exciting night of the year. They sleep with one eye open, and they wait in anticipation for Santa to arrive with his sack stuffed full of presents.

Christmas Eve boxes are a "thing" now and something we have had in our house since Amelia's first Christmas…..I blame social media. Some people loathe them, another way of commercialising Christmas and others start collecting bits and bobs for their's all year. One thing I absolutely will not do is be adding a "toy" or any other type of gifts. What I do have,is what I would be giving the kids on Christmas Eve already. Some new PJ's, Christmas Cups and Plates, a new Christmas Book to read before bed, a treat of chocolate and carrots for the reindeers, raindeer food (oats and glitter, that Amelia's lovely Montessori teacher had made up for her), mince pies for Santa and a plate.


Christmas Eve boxes are typically given to young children as a way to break up the anticipation of the next day with some small gifts and activities.They can be as simple as a cardboard box or as elaborate as an engraved wooden chest, filled with sweets, pyjamas, films, books and games.

So where did the tradition, albeit a very new tradition come from? Other countries and cultures celebrate their Christmas on the 24th by opening presents, so I think some of their habits have been integrated into ours: after all, we are such a multi-cultural community now. Also I know for some families it's the norm to exchange 1 gift on Christmas Eve and this is something we will do as I won't be there Christmas morning when the kids wake up.

Will you be doing a Christmas Eve Box? What's in Yours?

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T, A & H xxx

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