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Tips For Beating The Winter Blues


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Winter traditionally sees an increase in the number of respiratory infections such as colds and influenza across the UK – and whilst the exact reasons for this aren’t known, a number of theories exist. Whether it’s a result of an increase in the regularity that large crowds spend together in poorly-ventilated spaces, or immune systems being weakened by prolonged exposure to cold weather, doctors are undecided – but they all agree on a few ways to best protect your family.


Your diet obviously plays a huge role in keeping your immune system strong, so that even if you do come into contact with the flu virus or some nasty cold bacteria, your body will be well-placed to respond swiftly and lessen the amount of time that you or your loved ones spend away from work or school.


Vitamin C is the best-known aid for fighting infection, but less obvious minerals are zinc and magnesium (found in lean meats) and amino acids within wholegrain foods such as brown rice, barley and corn. These are essential to your recovery if you start to feel weak – and doctors recommend that you consume fresh food rather than supplementary tablets where possible, as they offer a natural combination of nutrients.


To this end, leave healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts around your house for your family to enjoy, or keep some pre-sliced veggies in the fridge – but remember these will lose nutritional value over time. Try to stick to fresh juices that haven’t been loaded with artificial colours, sweeteners or sugar, and – even if they don’t like it – get as much water or weak squash down your kids’ throats as possible, as dehydration can be a contributing factor to infection. Sleep is also important for recovery and maintaining an infant’s immune system – so don’t think your job is done when you send them off for their forty winks. Your child’s room should be kept at a suitable temperature (between 16-19˚ C), bedding should be clean and dry, and they should also get a minimum of eight hours sleep each night.


A comfortable and secure bed is key to their rest and recovery, so why not replace that rattling headboard by visiting Bedstar today? Their wide range of products – all available to view online – mean that you will be able to find a mattress to suit your loved ones’ preference in terms of hard or soft, and their wide range of accompanying accessories such as pillows and duvets will ensure that they don’t miss out in the style stakes.


Between fresh fruit, a healthy diet, plenty of water and a comfortable bed in which to get eight hours quality sleep each night – and a flu shot if you are eligible – you should have all your bases covered to avoid any unpleasant illnesses or infections this winter. But if you feel that you deserve something for all that hard work, don’t forget to treat yourself to a new winter wardrobe in the Christmas sales – after all, you’ll have earned it.

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